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With the end of the year right around the corner, many will be vowing to change their lives and habits the way they always do this time of year. One of the problems with the ever elusive New Year's resolutions - that we all are guilty of setting and breaking - is that we aim a little bit too high and then we end up getting burnt out or over exerted, and we go back to our bad and easy habits. This year resolve to do something that will not only improve your health, but will also be easier to keep, as it's not incredibly taxing, strenuous or time consuming. 

Many physicians recommend a variation of the current popular diet and exercise practices to keep their patients fit. They aren't always incredibly specific when giving their recommendations. Some people are under the misconception that they have to get an expensive gym membership and use 20 different machines in order to get the kind of workout that benefits the heart and shrinks the waist line. This is simply untrue. The simple act of walking, just 30- 40 minutes daily, can replace all of that equipment while also providing favorable results.

Many people think that walking is not a viable type of exercise because they feel they aren't doing enough or they don't sweat enough. But actually, brisk walking is one of the best, more effective types of exercise to take part in and here's why.

It helps increase circulation and blood flow in the body without being incredibly tough on the joints and muscles, as other types of exercise can sometimes be. It also helps your heart. Improved circulation helps the blood flow to and from your internal extremities, it lowers blood pressure and is incredibly effective in warding off heart disease. So if you are interested in exercising for health benefits, incorporating a walking routine into your schedule three to four times a week will improve circulation and heart-pumping power.

Walking is also a great way to shed the pounds. There is a huge misconception that high intensity workouts are the only way to lose weight. This is simply untrue. Taking a brisk walk on a consistent basis will not only improve your metabolism, it can help you shed the pounds as well. There is no need to overly exert yourself to drop weight. Consistency is key. Thirty minutes of walking at a brisk pace can burn up to 200 calories.

Walking helps mental clarity and awareness. Those who walk as a form of exercise, also find it to be a way to relieve stress. Those who have a lot on their minds find the repetition of walking helps them clear their head and find a sense of tranquility. Some even refer to the continued practice as moving meditation. If you fear getting bored while walking, try listening to your favorite music or an audio book to keep yourself engaged. 

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