How To Speed Up Your Recovery After An Injury?

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Written By Marija Nestorovic / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Injuries can be challenging mentally, and all you want at this point is to return to normalcy. Not all medications or therapies will be as quick as you want, as there are those that are more effective than others.

Through innovation, there are now better pain management plans, for example, regenerative medicine, that gives you a better chance to recover quickly and return to your normal life. These are the ways you can speed up your recovery after an injury.

Through Stem cell therapy

An injury, especially a severe one, can prevent you from going about your normal day activities, or from work, for example, if you are an athlete or on security guard patrol. Stem cell therapy is an effective method for cell repair therapy. Your body is made of stem cells and they multiply depending on your body needs.

For example, when you have an injury the stem cells need to regenerate to replace the broken tissues. Stem cell therapy uses the same phenomenon, and it is used to induce tissue on your injured body part to hasten the process. Your body might take more time to start regenerating the stem cells and the therapy subsidizes for the time you’ll lose.

Using Tenjet

It is useful for treating tendon injuries, for example, on the:

  • Feet
  • Ankles
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders

If you suffer from tendonitis, this is the therapy for you. Tendons are the connecting points between muscle and bone. Your tendons get inflamed when you have tendonitis, and with Tenjet, you can heal the pain and restore normal functioning of the joints.

Tenjet is a quick procedure, and takes about 15 minutes, and should repair your tendons within three months.

Get PRP injections

PRP injections contain a mix of your blood’s platelets and plasma. It is almost similar to the stem cell therapy as it induces the mixture to the injured body area. Platelets form a percentage of your blood, and they are part of the injury repair process as they cause blood clotting.

The clotting makes it possible for your body to cover up tears and cuts, to pause bleeding as part of the repair process. The key point is that damaged tissue requires repair, and the PRP injections allow your body to heal faster.

Opt for BMAC

It is another regenerative therapy and utilizes the bone marrow’s anti-inflammatory proteins to promote tissue growth. The bone marrow is one of the most potent sources of stem cell tissues in your body, and it is possible to harvest using a needle through a surgical process.

They can then be injected into the injured area after processing. BMAC repairs a wide range of injuries and inflammatory conditions such as:

  • High-grade tendon injuries
  • Cartilage injuries
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Elbow injuries
  • Tendonitis

You might feel tenderness around the operated area, but that should go away within a couple of days, and your body heals in a two-month window. You will regain strength and stability in the injured area, and you can go back to what you are used to doing after recovery.

Final thoughts

Getting injured is painful, and it can leave you to settle for the sidelines, for example, you may not be able to work, whether you are doing a formal job, or you are an athlete. You might be looking for a quick solution to get yourself up and running as an injury can take a long time to heal.

This guide gives you a variety of options and depending on your condition you can choose one that best fits you, and you can start your journey to recovery.

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Marija Nestorovic has been a health and diet enthusiast for as long as she remembers. She's passionate about questioning every new dietary trend that comes up and determining whether it's scientifically proven or just another fad diet. She enjoys spreading her knowledge on the subject and helping people kick-start their weight loss healthily and sustainably.

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