Common Back Issues And Your Options For Treating Them

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Written By Emma Sturgis / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Backaches resulting from different issues including straining, accidents, structural problems, specific postures, and medical conditions, are significant concerns for most people. It might be necessary for you to undergo other screenings, such as an X-ray, CT scans, blood tests, bone scans, and nerve studies, to rule out the particular back condition.

Discussed below are the most common back problems and treatment options.

Muscle Sprain and Strain are common back issues

This condition involves the straining or spraining of the lower back. In contrast, a sprain occurs when the tendon or muscle tears - resulting from ligaments tearing.

Both problems result from lifting items without caution that later cause inflammation leading to pain. This pain can be gone within three days.

If the pain is unbearable, your treatment options include:

  • Icing you back after a strenuous activity
  • Applying heat (use a hot pad) on the swelling
  • Using prescribed painkillers like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Seeking physical therapy solutions if the condition worsens

Bulging and Ruptured Discs are common back issues

Your spine’s discs are designed in a way that they should cushion the back from shock. With aging or different traumas (stressing the spine, weight gain, sitting for longer periods, and lifting massive objects), the discs deteriorate. Over time, they start to protrude, bulge, and rupture.

If you don’t treat ruptured disks, you might start experiencing lower back pains. Most physicians suggest that you undergo minimally invasive scoliosis surgery - this procedure aids in correcting spine deformities and restoring a deteriorated spine and a good posture.

Besides surgery, it is advisable for patients to:

  • Rest but avoid sitting for extended periods
  • Control your physical activities, especially lifting and bending
  • Avoid movements that can increase the pain’s severity
  • Get an epidural steroid injection to reduce the pain
  • Seek prescription anti-inflammatory medications

Spine Osteoarthritis is a common back issue

Spine osteoarthritis is one of the most common back problems occurring from the spine’s cartilage wear and tear. If untreated, patients might develop difficulties in walking. The joints begin to rub against each other and become stiffer, limiting a patient’s movement options.

Treatment options include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain relievers (NSAIDs)

Sciatica is a common back issue

You might feel pinching or compression between the sciatica nerve resulting from the bone spur or herniated disc. It mainly occurs after an injury or prolonged sitting positions.

Patient with this diagnosis can:

  • Rub a cold towel within the area in pain
  • Stretch cautiously
  • Seek medications
  • Acupuncture (a medical procedure)
  • Spinal adjustment procedures (chiropractic)

It is quite uncomfortable to experience back pains. It will help if you take preventive measures to reduce the chances of such scenarios or their severity. If you are grappling with back pains, you could visit a physician for the appropriate diagnosis.

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