6 Ski Exercises To Start Your Fitness Journey

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Written By Sheerin Jafri / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

With rising obesity rates, more people are moving towards health and fitness. Some are trying to lose weight, while others want to follow in the footsteps of athletes. The only way to accomplish these fitness goals is by incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

From cardio, mobility exercises to strength training – it is imperative to draft a proper workout plan. However, the thought of hitting the gym after the office can bring shivers down the spine.  So, why not begin this journey from home?

It would also eliminate the need to travel from one place to another while giving you the flexibility to pick workout timings. These days, people no longer prefer a simple workout with cardio or resistance training. They want to indulge in exercises that help in building muscle strength and bone density.

As a result, many fitness freaks are giving ski workouts a shot. It develops fundamental strength that translates into better performance.

Likewise, it targets upper and lower body muscles while working on all other major muscle groups. In addition to building strength, it increases endurance levels without putting any strain on the joints.

Since it engages all muscles, it can also help people on their weight loss journey. After all, it targets aerobic endurance, helping you shed some pounds.

Are you wondering how to learn to ski at home like a pro? It would be best if you got your hands on a ski machine to combine cardio and resistance training. Likewise, follow some ski exercises to improve balance and coordination. If you wish to explore this further, have a look below. Here we are putting forward six ski exercises to start your fitness journey.

Alternate Between Squats And Lunges for your ski workout

A workout routine is never complete without a dynamic set of lunges and squats. It is a form of eccentric training where the moves elongate and strengthen your muscles through contractions.

Firstly, warm up your body with some jumping jacks or running. After this, perform a full set, alternating lunges, and squats. Complete a set of jump lunges and squats, but make sure to land gently on the ground. It closes doors for joint injuries and strengthens lower body muscles.

Low Back Complex for your ski workout

In this tech-savvy world, most people spend their time sitting in front of the screens that trigger back pains. Ski exercises incorporate low back complex workouts to combat lower back problems and improve an individual’s performance. It strengthens muscles through isometric positions while alleviating soreness.

Let us break this into three parts.

  • Stand with your feet apart and keep your back straight. Raise your arms in the air and hold that position for 20 seconds.
  • Next up, perform a lunge by putting your left leg forward and raise your arm upward.
  • Lastly, kneel on the ground and keep your legs six inches apart. Keep a rounded lower back and raise your arms upward. Repeat the whole procedure three to four times.

Russian Twists for your ski workout

Do you want sleek shoulders with athletic muscles? Russian twists tone your core with rotating movements and also help in burning fats. Sit down with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and grab a weight plate. You have to hold it with bent arms, away from the chest.

Once you feel comfortable in this position, engage your core, and rotate the upper body to the right and left. And make sure weights are touching the ground. One rep counts as a twist to each side, meaning you have to do three rounds with 10 to 20 reps.

Lateral Hops for your ski workout

Do you want to build stamina? Combining isometric and dynamic movements could significantly improve stamina. Firstly, keep a stool or foam roller in the middle. Jump over it back and forth without exerting pressure on your body, which means you have to be soft and gentle.

After continuing this for 30 seconds, get into a squat position, and repeat it for another 30 seconds. You can repeat it four to eight times but in good form. Remember, the goal is not to jump as high as you can but to improve speed and potency.

Triceps Dips for your ski workout

In addition to lower body workouts, ski workouts focus on shoulder and arm strength. Triceps dips are an incredible exercise that offers multiple variations to match your fitness level. It activates muscles in your upper arm, maintaining core and improving balance.

You can sit on the edge of a chair while pointing fingers towards your feet. Extend your legs and press into your palms to lift the body. You can slide forward and lower yourself until elbows are between 45 and 90 degrees. You can repeat these 30 times, breaking them into 10 reps. However, don’t lock the elbow at the top of the movement to maintain tension on the triceps.

Single-leg Deadlifts for your ski workout

Ski exercises are all about body-stabilizing workouts. Single-leg deadlifts work on your core, love handles and glutes to enhance balance. Simultaneously, since you are using one leg, it also builds ankle stability.

Stand straight and lean forward while extending your arms. Gently lift the leg behind you with the other leg firm on the ground. Keep your back straight and touch the ground. Always take a deep breath as you lean forward and exhale when you return to the standing position. Depending on your endurance level, perform six reps with one leg, and repeat the same for the other.

Wrap Up

These days, people want to begin their fitness journey with something different. Ski exercises can help achieve the same fitness goals – weight loss and muscle strength, but with unique movements. If you want to bring some thrill to your workout routine, explore these exercises. From lateral jumps, triceps dips to jumping squats – you can enjoy having a fun and high-intensity pre workout at home. 

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