ReliefMD Foot 6 Pack + 1 Free Gift

ReliefMD Foot 6 Pack + 1 Free Gift

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Relief MD Foot Oil (formerly Revigorate Foot) is for people on their feet all day. For the discomfort of tired and achy feet.

Contains 100% pure ingredients of Sweet almond kernel oil, Eucalyptus leaf oil, Eucalyptol leaf oil, Wintergreen leaf oil, Camphor tree oil, Spearmint leaf oil, Frankincense tree oil, Lavender flower oil

Apply Relief MD Foot Oil to feet immediately before and after running, jogging, or any athletic endeavor. Coat the bottom of your feet, between the toes, the top of the feet, and 2 inches above the ankle. Swipe one drop on upper lip below nose and on forehead. Do not rub in. Wash hands after use. Avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive tissue. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on open wounds.



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