Thyme Spray And Its Many Uses

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Thyme is an herb that is easily grown and seems undeterred by drought-like conditions or harsh winters. It can grow in many varieties, but they all have similar health and beauty benefits due to the make-up of the herb and its properties.

Infections treated  with thyme spray

When used to create a spray it becomes useful for cleaning; treating small wounds, burns, and cuts; fighting acne and infections; slowing the damages of the sun and our environment; and helping to maintain healthy balance within the body.

It is often used as a disinfectant in cleaning sprays and some studies show that its ability to encourage sleep, boost antioxidant levels, and function as an antiseptic can reduce not only the common cold and its symptoms but also things such as worms and cavities. Anywhere that bacteria and infections can grow, thyme spray can help to fight them and lower the occurrences of illness and infection.

Antiseptic made with thyme spray

As a spray, thyme can be applied to many surfaces and is generally safe for use around anyone. Often used as an antiseptic on minor injuries, it can kill the bacteria that cause infection as well as boost the antioxidants in the skin and encourage the damaged skin cells to be replaced by healthy ones faster.

This lowers the likelihood of infection, but can also help to fight one off once it has begun.

Acne treated with thyme spray

As acne is most often a small infection forming around clogged pores, the same spray that you use to treat a small injury can also be used to treat an acne breakout. When used to treat either of these concerns it will also address the damages caused by the environment, both by sun damage and through the pollutants in the air, by providing the skin what it needs to remain healthy and reduce signs of damage.

Not only can thyme fight bacteria, infections, and skin damage, it can also do the same for the whole body.

Throat Pain alleviated with thyme spray

Many bacterial infections occur within the body over a lifetime, and thyme spray is helpful in fighting them. From acne to cavities, tonsillitis and even worms, the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of thyme can be used against these infections and help to clear bacteria and remove it from the body mostly by way of the urinary tract.

As thyme itself can be safely consumed - and is often used in recipes for its herbal flavour - it can be safely used to fight infections within the mouth and body. A spray can be used to fight bacteria within the mouth, throat, and other areas at low risk to the patient.

A properly-created thyme spray may be used within the mouth to reach the throat and lower pain from things such as strep throat, tonsillitis, and laryngitis.

Disinfectant made with thyme spray

Just as it fights bacteria and infections in and around the body, thyme spray can be used as a disinfectant around the house. Often used in counter sprays and cleaning products it can help to keep a home clean and free of bacteria that cause infections and illness.

Some studies have shown it to be a useful cleaner even for SARS-type illness, while still fighting things like the common cold and skin conditions.

Thyme spray can be created or found in many different variations, making it useful for everything from a cleaner to an antiseptic for the mouth and skin, and even a bug spray for outdoor adventures. It is relatively safe for use in most people, and has a range of health and wellness benefits.

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