10 Winter Skin Care Tips For Little Ones

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Written By Jimmy Mays / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Skincare is a part of your daily routine. It is equally important to take care of your baby’s skin properly. Your child’s skin is more sensitive, so it requires a more thorough approach, especially in winter. Winter is a wonderful season, but our skin tends to become too dry during this period. While adults can manage the problem, things can be more complicated for children, and applying the best baby lotion for dry skin may be the right choice. Although it seems that babies’ skin heals fast, it is still necessary to pay attention to it.  

Use A Humidifier

This is one of the first things you should do. It is cold in winter, so we utilize a heating system, and the air can become too dry. Thus, it is better to install a humidifier to maintain the optimal level of moisture.  

Do Not Overdo Baths

Not only can the baby’s skin can become dry but ours as well. If we bathe too often, the skin barrier can be disrupted and let allergens in. Pediatricians claim that skincare implies bathing children three times a week only. This goes for the first year. When it comes to older kids, hot showers can make their skin dry and remove protective oils. So, water should always be warm. 

Moisturize Well

After bathing, pat dry your baby with the help of a towel and apply a baby lotion or cream. This should be done within the first three minutes after getting out. It will help the sensitive baby skin to retain some of the water. In fact, this should be a part of your routine despite the season.

Do Not Use Too Many Products

Being a new parent, you may want to have everything from the best diaper bag backpack to the best products for skincare, but you need to use all the products carefully. Using too many skincare products on the baby’s epidermis will not do any good. While applying creams and lotions is fine, using several products when bathing can make skin drier. You should also avoid daily shampoo and soaps.

Use Baby Skin Care Products Only

Products that are good for children include organic baby skincare products. This implies that they are produced from the purest and most natural ingredients. Many products meant for adults contain a lot of unnatural ingredients that can cause baby skin irritation. 

Make Use Of Fragrance-Free Products

No matter if it is a lotion or a washing powder, it should come with a “fragrance-free” label to be a part of a daily routine. We also recommend avoiding preservatives; propylene glycol and formaldehyde, for example, can cause allergies. 

Use Sunscreen

UV rays are present all year round, so it is recommended to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the child’s skin before you go out. According to reviews about exposed skincare, this is crucial when you and your baby are going to stay outside for a long time. Besides, the scientists state that if you avoid sunburns early in life, you are less likely to suffer from skin cancer later on.

Put Enough Warm Clothes On Your Baby

Young children cannot regulate their body temperatures properly; hence it is crucial to make sure that they do not get too hot or too cold. If you dress your child in layers, you will be able to take something off if necessary. Even in winter, babies can get heat rash if they are dressed in too many pieces of clothing. 


You need to massage your baby daily for proper development and growth. This stimulates the blood flow and improves the immunity of the child. Buy a good massage oil following our recommendations above and massage your baby gently. You should also make sure that the room which you are in during the process is warm. 

If In Doubt, See A Doctor

It happens that rashes can be caused by more serious conditions. Measles, for instance, appear as a skin problem at first. That is why if you have any doubts regarding what things are to be done to take care of your child`s skin, you should talk to your doctor. 


Being a parent, you cannot be happy if your baby is not comfortable due to an itchy bottom, dry skin, or rashes. If you follow our tips to choose the best winter skincare home remedies, you will make things easier for you and your child. Remember that keeping your child clean with natural skincare products produced for infants will avoid all of the mental and physical anguish, which tends to come with annoying skin conditions. Take care of your baby properly, and enjoy their smile instead. 

What do you do to look after your baby’s skin.

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Jimmy Mays is a psychologist and a father of three. Thanks to his children, he knows a lot not only about psychology but how to take care of kids as well. Jimmy loves to write articles on relevant topics.

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