What Are Soft Teeth And What Can Be Done?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

“Soft teeth” is a term used to describe a tooth that has grown in differently than the others. It is most often caused by damage during the growth stage that interrupts the regular development of that tooth. Damage to a baby tooth can cause the adult tooth to develop as a soft tooth.

Proper nutrition and soft teeth

When damage occurs to a baby tooth or to a tooth that is developing beneath the gums it can be weaker than the other teeth. This includes damage of any kind or an infection in the baby tooth that is in place while the adult tooth beneath is developing.

Other causes include a fever - no matter how short or long it remains - lack of proper nutrition and vitamins, or a lack of balance in the hormones. Some genetics can cause this as well as other rare occurrences such as over consumption of fluoride at extreme levels.

Dental care and soft teeth

A soft tooth will not only be slightly more prone to cavity due to the surface enamel, but it will also appear different from the other teeth allowing you and your dentist to be aware of the concern early. By being aware extra attention can be paid during tooth care. Correct brushing and flossing help maintain the strength of the enamel that is present.

Why a tooth is soft

For a tooth to be soft it must have grown that way. A healthy tooth will not become soft through adult life changes such as pregnancy, diabetes or even a fever. If the teeth develop and grow normally and are maintained correctly they will not become soft and there is no cause for concern that this will occur.

This means that if you are an adult and getting increased cavities that were not a concern before, it is most likely due to another cause such as poor oral hygiene or increased sugar intake and not a newly developed soft tooth.

Enamel and soft teeth

Alternatively some refer to sensitive teeth or those with weakened tooth enamel as soft teeth. This occurs when the enamel is wearing thin or has been destroyed. These occurrences allow for increased cavities and can weaken the tooth through further layers when not addressed.

Correct toothbrush for soft teeth

If your tooth enamel is weakened it is important to brush with toothpaste twice daily for two minutes in the morning and two minutes before bed. Using the correct toothbrush can help ensure all teeth are reached and brushed well. An all-natural rinse can be added to protect the remaining enamel on all the teeth and reduce cavities, and less sugar should be consumed to avoid further deterioration.

When signs of a cavity occur - such as pain when eating or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures - it is necessary to see a dentist and have the cavity filled. This protects the inner tooth and the roots while relieving the sensitivity and returning the tooth to its full use.

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