Growing Teeth - What Is Teeth Regeneration?

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

For years a cavity or broken tooth has been repaired by cleaning the area and filling it with a man-made compound to replace the dentin and enamel. While this process works well, the teeth often need to be replaced after a few years and they can get damaged and broken as time passes.

Recent studies have shown that a medication developed for Alzheimer’s disease can also be used to assist teeth to repair cavities and have some regrowth in the dentin layer of teeth. Further studies have shown that young children who damage their adult teeth before they have grown in can have regrowth and development of the pulp and nerves in a tooth by having their own stem cells removed from an undamaged baby tooth and placed into the damaged adult tooth.

These new developments offer a new opportunity for tooth repair and dental health.

To repair a tooth by re-growing, its own dentin can create a tooth stronger than one with a filling and won’t fall out or need to be replaced every few years. Until recently only a filling or a filling with a crown was possible, but these developments have created an opportunity for a permanent fix.

One study has shown that an Alzheimer’s disease medication applied directly to the tooth in the decayed space will encourage the tooth to repair itself and develop new pulp in the middle. In order to create a surface for the medication to be applied the tooth may require drilling along with a cleaning to remove the bacteria to make a clean surface for regrowth to occur.

New Dentin

The medication must only be applied to the damaged area, and it has shown that it will grow enough new dentin to repair the whole tooth without any outside filling required. This new dentin is chemically very similar to the original dentin of the teeth so no rejection of the correction will occur.  While this is encouraging research for adults with a damaged tooth, for children there is another approach.

Many children will at some point damage a tooth, and while it may only affect the baby tooth it will occasionally affect the adult tooth forming underneath. When this occurs the adult tooth may come in already damaged and require repair.

It is now possible to remove healthy dentin and pulp from a healthy baby tooth and place it within the growing adult tooth. This will encourage the tooth to grow healthy and strong again without needing to wait for it to grow through the gums first.

Medical advances in dentistry are opening new possibilities for treatments and encouraging results are being seen in regrowth of teeth. This can offer a more permanent and stronger solution then a filling or even a filling with a crown.

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