Gingivitis Treatments And Home Remedies

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Most of the time your dentist will prescribe home techniques for you to use in order to heal your gingivitis symptoms. Sometimes symptoms can be so severe that there are more conventional treatments that need to be used. 

Prescription Mouthrinse
A prescription mouthrinse may be prescribed temporarily to reduce the inflammation associated with gum infections. These rinses cost more than over-the-counter products, but their ability to destroy bacteria makes them a popular tool for severe gum infection. However, these mouthrinses typically contain alcohol, which dries out the mouth. When the mouth is dry, its easier for harmful bacteria to grow and multiply again, potentially causing an even worse scenario in the long run.

Gingivitis symptoms may go away for a while, but that does not necessarily mean they will not come back. Furthermore, many of the commonly used prescription mouth rinses will cause significant staining on the teeth if used for more than two or three weeks. For these reasons and more, its best to use a mouthrinse that does not contain alcohol and is also effective at destroying gingivitis-causing bacteria.

Routine Cleanings
Six-month prophylactic appointments with your hygienist are key to managing gingivitis symptoms. In some cases patients that experience poor gum health may need more frequent cleanings. Delaying cleanings can allow symptoms to worsen if oral hygiene isn't up to par.

Orthodontic Therapy
Braces are an effective part of a comprehensive method used to treat symptoms of gingivitis and gum disease. Because crowded teeth are more likely to have bacteria buildup between them, moving them into a functionally correct position can make managing gingivitis symptoms much easier. Orthodontic therapy can cost several thousand dollars and take up to three years to complete, depending on your individual needs.

Natural And Home Remedies
Natural remedies for gingivitis are typically the most effective means of managing, preventing and reversing the condition. When it comes down to how to treat gingivitis on your own, there are numerous resources available. The best person to help you stop gingivitis is you!

Your oral home care routine is the most important part of treating gingivitis. Even your dentist will tell you that they can only do so much, but it will depend on what you do every day at home to help you keep your gums healthy. Using an electric toothbrush along with flossing or a water flosser will mechanically remove the bacteria from your mouth that causes gingivitis. Everything else is just a bonus! Other than the initial cost of your oral hygiene items, this method of cure is completely free. The best toothpaste to use is one that contains all-natural ingredients that have been proven to kill the bacteria that cause gingivitis.

Antiseptic Mouthwash
Most antiseptic mouth rinses are affordable and may help to reduce the symptoms of superficial or mild gum infections like gingivitis in the short run. However, rinsing with mouthwash does not remove bacteria from harder-to-reach areas under the gums or between teeth, which means rinsing is not a substitution for flossing. Some mouth rinses contain alcohol and cause dry mouth or burning sensations. A dry mouth can be a breeding ground for gingivitis-causing bacteria to multiply in the long run, thus defeating the purpose of the mouthwash. Its best to use a non-alcohol mouthwash that contains ingredients that kill harmful bacteria.

Herbs And Natural Supplements
Studies show that various herbs and natural supplements can help not only provide removal of the bacteria that causes gingivitis, but can also alleviate symptoms. Some of these natural supplements include herbal additives or ingredients like pomegranate. Herbal mouth rinses can be very effective in reducing gingivitis and inflammation of the gums. In many cases these supplements are used in lieu of traditional oral hygiene products (toothpaste, mouthwash) and are shown to be extremely effective. They may be even more effective than other products.

Essential oils can be very easy to use and make a significant impact on gum disease symptoms. Some of these include:











Supplements have long been used for various systemic health needs. Studies have also shown that they also reduce oral disease conditions such as those from gingivitis.

Vitamin Or Nutritional Supplements that increase the body's immune health and support healing are useful when used along with other preventive measures. Some of the most beneficial supplements that are known to help heal gingivitis are:


Vitamin C

Vitamin A

Lifestyle Recommendations

The way you live, what you put into your body, and what you do with it all greatly affect your body's ability to respond to infections like gingivitis.

Eat Healthy Foods
Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that help your body's immune system, and they also provide great stimulation for your gums while you chew.

Avoid Sugar And Processed Foods
Most processed foods contain refined sugars. When blood sugar levels rise it can cause an increase of inflammation, making it more difficult to treat gingivitis symptoms. The sugar also feed the bacteria in your mouth, creating an acidic environment that harbors oral disease.

Get your body to respond by getting up and getting your blood pumping. That doesn't necessarily mean you need to become a bodybuilder. Simple activities like walking 30 minutes each day can be very beneficial!

Give Up Tobacco And Alcohol
Tobacco use hides the symptoms of gum disease, as well as prevents most treatment methods from reversing it. Alcoholic beverages contain high amounts of sugar, which promotes a breeding ground in your mouth for bacteria. Not only is it bad for your gums, it also leads to higher rates of tooth decay.

Gingivitis is a reversible inflammatory condition. The initial reaction is a sign of infection in that area of the gums due to plaque biofilm. However, when left untreated, gingivitis can turn into periodontal disease and result in tooth mobility or loss. It is easiest to cure the gum infection while it is still in the early stages (gingivitis). When treated effectively, gingivitis is completely curable.

More Gingivitis Facts
Proper oral hygiene and counteractive care to eliminate the disease bacteria from your mouth can lead to complete reversal of gingivitis. Unfortunately if gingivitis is allowed to persist it can develop into periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can be treated, but not reversed. It may also lead to tooth mobility and loss due to the destruction of bone support. Gingivitis only affects the superficial gum tissue and can be reversed!

The advanced form of gingivitis, periodontal disease, can be contagious and passed between family members due to the bacterium in saliva. Sharing eating utensils or kissing can allow these bacteria to pass back and forth between persons, increasing the risk of developing gum infections. However, gingivitis is preventable and can only begin to develop in mouths that are not cleaned properly or in people who have suppressed immune systems.

Gingivitis is simply the inflammation and infection of the superficial gum tissue. When gingivitis is allowed to persist, the bacteria are targeted by the immune system, which sends antibodies to the area. These antibodies cross the connective tissue, which causes the loss of attachment of both gum tissue and bone. Bone is lost as a result and deep pockets develop under the gum tissue. It is at this point when the condition becomes periodontal disease.

Gingivitis can usually develop in just a few days or over several weeks. Because it can be gradual, it may be more difficult to notice for people that dont pay much attention to their oral hygiene especially teenagers.

Classic gingivitis symptoms take approximately 10 to 14 days to heal. Even with proper treatment the conditions will continue to exist for several days. Be patient and wait at least two weeks before expecting complete reversal of symptoms. If your gums do not seem to be healing, you may have periodontal (gum) disease and need professional care to cleanse the area.

Cleansing areas of gingivitis will almost always cause you to be sensitive. Remember, if your gums are healthy they will not bleed. If you are brushing and flossing correctly, you will most likely experience some discomfort or bleeding while gingivitis exists. Stick with an efficient oral hygiene routine that includes flossing, toothbrushing and supplements, and expect your tenderness or other symptoms to subside within about two weeks.

It is quite possible that even with effective care you could still experience bleeding during brushing or flossing. If you are anemic consider taking an iron supplement and watching your diet more closely. Some areas such as crowns or old fillings may have margins that harbor more bacteria than others, making them slower to respond to care. If you have developed periodontal disease or large amounts of tartar you ought to have a professional cleaning and screening to determine if there is bone loss around the area.

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