Cavity Prevention Tips And What To Do If You Get Them

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Preventing cavities is the best way to maintain your smile and your oral health. Brushing and flossing along with food choices and care can help prevent many cavities, but sometimes they will occur no matter the effort put forth.

Dental visits to prevent cavities

Once a cavity occurs a dental appointment must be made to have the cavity cleaned out and filled, to avoid it growing and to maintain the health of the teeth around it. Cavities form when the enamel is weakened and then a small hole forms within the enamel and into the dentin below. This can be caused by hard foods or simply by contact with food that eats at the enamel.

To solve the problem of a cavity it is important to schedule a dental appointment where the cavity will be cleaned out and prepared then filled with a filling material. This will seal the tooth and block more bacteria from getting into the space. It will also widen the cavity and will be shaped to return the teeth’s regular bite pattern as closely and possible.

This process will take longer the bigger the cavity, so the sooner it can be repaired the easier and faster the repair will be.

Food choices to prevent cavities

Preventing cavities is mostly done by choosing foods that will boost the vitamins needed to strengthen enamel, such as dairy products, while avoiding sugary foods that will eat the enamel faster. The next step is to brush and floss twice a day to remove any food particles that do build up around the teeth and gums. As they are allowed to, sit these foods will damage the enamel and can create cavities.

Regular dental visits and cleanings are also beneficial as they create a clean slate for maintaining rather than always fighting buildup, and will allow a dentist to find the small cavities or to see the trouble spots that may become cavities and monitor them to catch and repair before they become big cavities or cause the tooth to weaken and break.

While it is better to avoid cavities than to fix them, sometimes teeth are simply more susceptible due to genetics, diet, or other concerns. Changing food choices, cleaning regularly, brushing and flossing twice a day with care, and using the appropriate toothbrush and other tools are great choices to hep prevent cavities.

Once a cavity is formed it is important to have it cleaned, filled, and restored as quickly as possible to keep it from spreading.

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