Vitamin D May Help Prevent Multiple Sclerosis

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Numerous health conditions have recently been linked to a deficiency in vitamin D, and while there has been no official word from any government agencies it seems pretty obvious that a little extra sunlight can go a long way to improve ones immunity. Recent research has shown links between vitamin D and the flu as well as some types of cancer because of its ability to essentially arm the immune system. Back in 2006 a study was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association that suggested the risk of developing multiple sclerosis might possibly be lowered with higher levels of vitamin D. Researchers at the University of Oxford think there's something to that idea, and have done some additional work of their own.

This research theorizes that while increased vitamin D may not be much help in those already diagnosed with MS, it may be quite helpful in preventing its development in the first place. Even though it might not assist in managing the symptoms of existing MS, it could possibly help increase immunity to other conditions that can develop later. In fact, Anticancer Research published a study that shows the average adult requires a much higher daily intake of vitamin D than currently recommended, and that increasing dosage could help prevent MS, type-1 diabetes, and multiple forms of cancer.

People around the world can suffer from vitamin D deficiency, but countries in the northern hemisphere seem to have much higher rates of disease such as MS. Meanwhile, countries closer to the equator have significantly lower rates of illnesses related to vitamin D. MS is virtually unknown in Africa for example. Time will tell whether this news will spread and more evidence will surface. Hopefully the day never comes when big pharma and the government can start charging us for sun exposure.

Sources: BBC News US News & World Report

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