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Written By Paisley Hansen / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

You've decided that you want to hit the gym more. It can be an exciting time. Whether you are looking to bulk up or slim down, you need to be smart about your workout plans. Getting the results you want can mean more than simply working up a sweat.

Increased exercise means that your body is under more stress. It utilizes energy stores in these situations. However, if these energy stores aren't replenished, you could be taking losses instead of seeing gains. Fortunately, there are supplements you can take that can boost your recovery. 

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Branched-Chain Amino Acids (otherwise known as BCAAs) are composed of three amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of protein. If you're lifting weights, your body uses these proteins for fuel.

Adding these supplements can be valuable for muscle recovery. Without them, your body uses up all the protein it has for fuel. That can lead to muscle damage and loss of muscle mass.

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein isolate is another way to consume those important branched-chain amino acids. It can be absorbed faster into your body for quicker recovery. You can get this protein in powder form to put in a shake. That can be a perfect way to fuel your body. You can have both a full stomach and recovering muscles.

Krill Oil

Your body becomes inflamed after a long workout in the gym. This is a natural reaction. It can lead to chronic pain and inflammation if it goes unchecked, though. There are several ways to combat inflammation, like red light therapy. As with any recovery method, there are red light therapy pros and cons.

You can use a supplement like krill oil to combat inflammation as well. This particular supplement contains the antioxidant astaxanthin. This antioxidant reduces chronic inflammation.


Training at a higher intensity can lead to gaining muscle mass. However, you want to do so safely. If you aren't careful, high-intensity workouts can leave you gasping for air and feeling like you are about to pass out. If you feel this way, you are going to suffer fitness losses. This is where a creatine supplement can be useful.

It provides your body with energy to sustain you for these longer workouts. It can help fight muscle fatigue and boost endurance. Some people like to take this supplement before their workout. That way, they can have a long session in the gym.


L-Glutamine is an important amino acid. It nourishes a lot in your body, from your muscles to your immune system. When you work out, your body uses this amino acid to keep your energy up. However, your stores can become dangerously low.

If you don't replenish them, you could find your immune system depleted. This opens you up to infection. An l-glutamine supplement is very important to sustain the stores of this nutrient in your body.


When you exercise, you can work up quite the sweat. Your heart pounds, and you feel thirsty. Keeping up your water intake can be key to recovery. However, your sweat lets out more than just water. It can release minerals that are important for muscle recovery.

Consuming electrolytes can help maintain this balance of minerals that you sweat out. Muscles need these minerals to perform their normal functions. If you don't consume electrolytes, you may notice increased instances of muscle cramping and fatigue. 

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to post-workout recovery. It is important to know that everybody is different, and every person will react differently to certain supplements. Follow dosage guidelines based on your weight and height. If you are feeling particularly confused about what to do, reach out for help.

Some personal trainers and dieticians can talk to you about your fitness goals. From there, they can create a supplement plan that can get you the results you are looking for.

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Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, fitness, and growing young. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym. She loves hearing from readers so feel free to contact her through Facebook.

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Founder Ray Spotts has a passion for all things natural and has made a life study of nature as it relates to health and well-being. Ray became a forerunner bringing products to market that are extraordinarily effective and free from potentially harmful chemicals and additives. For this reason Ray formed Trusted Health Products, a company you can trust for clean, effective, and healthy products. Ray is an organic gardener, likes fishing, hiking, and teaching and mentoring people to start new businesses. You can get his book for free, “How To Succeed In Business Based On God’s Word,” at

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