Official Studies Prompt Reduction In Water Fluoridation

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Since the inception of adding fluoride to drinking water and oral care products, there has also been fluorosis. In case you're not familiar, fluorosis is the condition that arises when too much fluoride is taken in.

In most cases, its noticed on the teeth. Spotting, streaking, and even cases of teeth becoming pitted and brittle are on record.

There are also many cases of fluorosis affecting other bones in the body, as that's where its stored. Fluoride never leaves the body.

In fact, skeletal fluorosis is the primary reason that China banned the use of fluoride. Yes, fluorosis has existed for the same length of time as fluoride itself.

Strangely enough, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are acting as though it is an entirely new concept. 

A government study has found that two out of every five children have spotting or streaking in their teeth as a direct result of overexposure to fluoride. Sixty-four percent of municipal water supplies in the U.S. are fluoridated, and while the theory may be that it prevents cavities and dental decay it is simply not true.

Even the American Medical Association is on record against the so called positive effects of fluoride. In their journal from September 18, 1943 in an article titled Chronic Fluoride Intoxication the author states that not only does fluoride not prevent cavities, it can cause damage to connective tissues in the body by destroying protein bonds in cells, and this includes the tissue in the gums that connects them to the teeth.

While it may be baffling that government agencies take the stance that damage caused by fluoride is a new problem to deal with, it should also be noted as promising that they are actually considering taking action to lower fluoride levels in water supplies. It should be enough to move more people to question the validity of fluoridation. The change in fluoride levels, if approved, would be the first in almost 50 years.

Of equal importance as the damage to developing teeth, are all the other negative effects that fluoride has on the human body. In the same way that it destroys protein bonds in connective tissues, it can cause damage to other cells as well.

This is part of the reason that many have theorized a possible link to various cancers, as well as causing autoimmune disorders and inhibiting white blood cells ability to heal. Fluoride has also been linked to brain abnormalities, IQ deficits, and infertility. The list goes on and on. There are so many studies in existence that point toward the dangers of fluoride.

There has been a lot of recent action regarding fluoridation in recent days/weeks with potential bans in New York City and the possibility of additional fluoride being added to parts of San Diego.

For a fluoride-free option to better oral and overall health consider that the best options come from nature, not from chemicals and byproducts of heavy metal and fertilizer manufacturing. 

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