Habits That Can Help You With Your Diabetes

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Written By Ella Brown / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Diabetes is a disease that happens when there is an increase of sugar in the blood or a high glucose level. It’s a long-lasting disease that affects turning food into energy. The food we eat breaks down into sugar or glucose and is released into the bloodstream.

Now when the blood sugar increases, the body signals the pancreas to realize insulin to control the body sugar level. In diabetes, either your body loses the capacity to make enough insulin or the body cells stop responding to the insulin.

This scenario causes too much sugar in the bloodstream, which later on causes heart and kidney-related diseases that can be fatal. There are commonly four types of diabetes:

- Type 1: in this type of diabetes, the pancreas produces little or no insulin at all.

- Type 2: In this type, the way of processing the body’s blood sugar or glucose gets affected.

- Prediabetes: In this type of diabetes, the blood sugar level of the body is high but not enough to reach type 2 diabetes.

- Gestational diabetes: This type of diabetes affects only the pregnant woman and passes over with the pregnancy.

Life with diabetes can be very difficult but also very easy if taken seriously and one includes some habits in their daily life schedule. A few habits that a person with diabetes must consider include:

Well-balanced diet

The primary cause of diabetes is unhealthy eating and adding too much sugar and carbs to your diet every day. You need to regulate and monitor the calories intake per day and make sure you consume antioxidants every day for a well-balanced diet.

Add food items such as yogurt, chia seeds, flax seeds, broccoli, and bitter gourd, which are known for reducing blood sugar level properties.

Exercise regularly

If not every day, make sure that you add some sort of physical activity in your daily routine for at least five days a week. Physical activity helps in stabilizing your blood sugar, helps the body in making insulin, improves the respiratory system, nourishes the heart, and is a great stress buster.

Minimize desserts and avoid sweetened beverages like soft drinks

Desserts and sweetened beverages spike the blood sugar level rather than control it. These consumables contain a higher number of calories, which increases the risk of diabetes and many other medical conditions like heart conditions, liver problems, metabolic issues, and obesity.

Controlling sugar cravings can be a task, but you can replace it with zero calorie sweetener; it's a healthy alternative with no side effects. You can also switch to natural desserts like dates, bananas, sugarcane juice, or coconut water.

Reduce stress

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of diabetes because if there is an increase in stress, the body cannot release enough insulin and that automatically will increase the body sugar (glucose) level.

Quit smoking and cut your alcohol

Nicotine found in cigarettes holds the ability to increase blood sugar and also make the body more resistant to insulin. Alcohol at the same time creates instability in blood sugar levels and, instead of regulating blood sugar, the liver starts eliminating alcohol from the body.

These complications caused by alcohol and cigarettes not only make the treatment difficult, but also create issues with kidneys, eyes, and blood vessels.


If you have a proper lifestyle and balanced diet, diabetes is nothing to worry about. But if you are careless with your lifestyle and choose not to take necessary precautions at the right time, there is nothing worse than diabetes.

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