Tips To Help You Prevent Teeth Grinding

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If you are stressed out, chances are your teeth are being affected by it. One of the main factors that contribute to teeth grinding is stress, and by reducing your stress you can reduce the risk that you will grind your teeth at night. The number one way that you can stop teeth grinding is to become more aware of any jaw tightening that may occur when you start to feel stressed out. When people are under a lot of stress, they often fail to realize the physical effects of their mental discomfort. Remember to relax your jaw and take a few deep breaths at the first sign of stress. 

Cut Out The Caffeine

Eliminating caffeine from your diet can help you stop grinding your teeth. Caffeine makes people jittery and if consumed in excess it can make anyone grind their teeth unknowingly. Caffeine before bed should be removed from your routine as it can cause you to grind your teeth in your sleep.

Invest In A Mouth Guard

A mouth guard is the best way to guarantee that you wont grind your teeth at night. You can have your dentist make a custom mouth guard that fits to your teeth perfectly and provides you with optimal comfort in order to ensure that you sleep well at night without grinding your teeth.

Don't Chew Gum

The motion that your mouth makes when you chew gum can be subconsciously repeated in your sleep, making you grind your teeth. By quitting gum chewing, you'll reduce the chances that you will grind your teeth in your sleep. If you find yourself craving something fresh, try a mint instead.


Meditating before you go to sleep can help you relax to the point of complete contentment. This will enable your jaw to relax and ensure that you hit the sheets stress free, in turn ensuring that you don't grind your teeth in your sleep. Teeth grinding occurs mostly at night and therefore its important to unwind as much as possible before dozing off for the night.

If you're struggling with bruxism, these tips can help alleviate your discomfort and will hopefully help cut back on the amount of time you spend grinding your teeth.

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