4 Natural Remedies For Slip And Fall Injuries

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Written By Rachelle Wilber / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Everyone has slipped and fallen at least once in their lifetime. Although some injuries are minor, others may need hospitalization. With the visits to the emergency room as a last resort for many due to the astronomical costs, exhausting natural remedies is the only option.

Here are simple natural remedies based on the type of injury sustained.

Cold Packs and Dark Quiet Places for Head Injury

A bump to the head due to walking into a doorway or unguarded height can lead to a small bump on the head all the way up to a major concussion. If the injured is conscious, placing a cold pack on the affected area helps reduce the swelling.

However, more severe head injuries such as falling from a ladder or items falling on them and the injured being left unconscious, a trip to the emergency room should be immediate. They can suffer from a concussion or even brain damage.

Consulting a personal injury lawyer in some cases is a must to help cover the costs of medical care and aftercare.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Hip Injuries

Hip injuries are mainly brought about by uneven surfaces, bad footwear, or a slip and fall. Although there may not be blood, the internal bruising and potential damage can last a few weeks, if not months.

A visit to a chiropractor might be of benefit to get you back on your feet again. However, a natural remedy to start with is placing cold and warm pads alternating on the affected areas until the swelling and pain start subsiding.

Keeping your foot off the ground reduces pain as it also helps reduce swelling. If you can stand it, even doing some stretching to help move the blood around in your legs, hips, and the back area will help significantly too.

Aloe Vera on Abrasions and Cuts

Working in dim lighting you can touch surfaces that cause cuts and bruises. Worse still is that it can lead to a fall into a sharp object. After cleaning the surface thoroughly with antibacterial soap, use aloe vera to help heal the area faster.

Besides, it ensures that the scarring disappears after a few weeks of use. However, be prepared for the scarring to last a few years if the cuts sustained are significant.

Casts on Fractures

Though not as “natural” as some might consider, allowing your body to do its job and mend itself is one of the most magnificent things about us. Some bone fractures do not necessarily need surgery and metal rods to get the bone right before healing begins.

After a few X-rays, a cast may be all that is required. During this time, it is often necessary to stop movements in the adjoining areas to help heal the area faster. Physical therapy is recommended to help practice using the limb area again.

Natural Herbs and Oils

What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on them. Knowledge of herbs and natural oils can be quite handy when overcoming anything from acne to eczema and much more in between. There are even oils that help with foot pain.

Please keep in mind that in emergency room care, due to serious injury, there may be a need to use prescribed medicine by a doctor. Consider the whole situation to determine the cause of action and if there is room to take legal action and sue responsible parties for negligence using a personal injury lawyer.

There are great options for both acute and long-term care and all options should be considered.

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