The Versatility Of Lemon Oil

The lemon is a fruit that is easily recognizable and used in most households on a daily basis. Whether it's to flavor our water or to make a fresh, quenching glass of lemonade, this citrus fruit is definitely well known and highly regarded. What some people don't know about the lemon is the ways in which it can actually provide amazing results when used externally.

Using the juice of a lemon isn't terribly difficult for most, but there's an easier way to get all the wonderful vitamin C-infused goodness that a lemon has to offer: lemon oil. Due to its anti-fungal, antiseptic, and astringent properties, it can be incredibly helpful for many different issues.

Candida Infections

Yeast infections are never fun to deal with. They are uncomfortable and itchy to say the least. Although there are many creams on the market that claim to help cure yeast infections, many of them only make your body more susceptible to yeast and reliant on that specific product. So essentially, you'll find that you start to get chronic yeast infections and have to purchase that item over and over again. Lemon is a natural candida killer.

Enhance Your Concentration

It can be very difficult to focus sometimes for some of us, especially when there are so many things on our plate and we become overwhelmed by all of our responsibilities. This can also lead to being easily distracted and dealing with burnout. But how do you successfully deal with these issues and tap back into that laser-like concentration that you so desperately need? The answer is lemon oil. Just a few deep breaths of the fragrant lemon oil will help to both stimulate and relax you and better align your ability to focus and get things done. Studies show that the stress hormone norepinephrine, which is directly linked to learning and cognition, remain at elevated levels after breathing in lemon oil. Great for those who are in school or have deadlines they often have to meet.

Skin Toner

Lemon is great for the skin. It has so many properties that will have the skin looking supple and youthful. Due to its naturally astringent-like qualities, it is great to use as a toner as it can both clean the skin deeply and shrink pores. If you are perpetually dealing with oily skin that is leaving you with annoying, pesky breakouts, you need to add this oil to your skin care regimen. Half a cup of water mixed with half a cup of witch hazel and 30 to 40 drops of lemon oil is exactly what your face needs. Always use an astringent toner after you cleanse your face. This helps to mitigate oil and keep your pores nice and tight.

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