Thyme Oil And Its Potent Power

A very potent oil comes from the herb thyme that is otherwise known as thymus vulgaris. It is a perennial herb that is a part of the mint family. As such, it is very strong and has specific cooling properties that allow it to be beneficial for many different issues. It has been used historically for its medicinal properties and continues to be an aide for specific issues. It has been recognized as one of the preeminent essential oils in Mediterranean countries. Here are some of its top uses.

Treats Acne

Dealing with blemishes can be incredibly difficult and disheartening - especially when you've been trying to get rid of them for a long time. Chronic acne is something that so many people have to fight on a regular basis. Thyme oil is so effective that it's often one of the key ingredients in specific acne spot treatment creams. It works because it helps to kill the bacteria that often perpetuates acne and makes it worse. Just a couple drops of thyme oil added to your daily face cleanser will change the state of your skin. You can also use thyme oil to spot treat particularly stubborn blemishes.


Working hand in hand by eliminating the problem that acne often brings is those scars it leaves behind. Scarring can be very difficult to deal with but the natural cicatrisant properties of this oil allows it to fade scars from acne and other issues. Not to only be used on your face, but if you happen to suffer from stretch marks, small pox or chicken pox scars, you'll want to start treating those markings with thyme oil and watch how quickly they start to fade.

Cleans Wounds

Due to the antiseptic nature of thyme essential oil, it's a great oil to use on fresh cuts or scrapes to ensure that they are cleaned properly. The main components in the oil like camphene and caryophyllene will ward off any type of fungus or bacteria from latching on to the wound and becoming a huge problem. Making sure you clean your wounds and cuts is often something that people don't remember to do. The importance of this should not be overlooked.


For those who want to detox their body, adding an oil that is a natural diuretic can often do just that. Sometimes the body holds onto and accumulates water. When this happens you can experience bloating, swelling and difficulty urinating. The accumulation of water is often associated with chronic renal failure and gathers the toxins and salts in your body that are harmful to your internal organs. A diuretic naturally promotes urination which helps you to flush all that bad stuff out. Add a couple of drops to some jojoba oil and rub it on your lower back and stomach. You'll notice the difference in your body and how you feel in a couple of days. Make sure you are drinking enough water during this process.

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