Laurus Nobilis Or Bay Oil Benefits

bay-oilThe fragrant and elegant leaves of a sweet bay or a bay laurel plant turn into a wonderful and powerful oil. This oil can be used in many different areas as it is an astringent, antiseptic, antibiotic, sedative and insecticide, among other properties that allows it to be a great healing agent for many different issues. It is a very robust, evergreen shrub that is found in most of the Mediterranean countries. With dark greenish bark and shiny, evergreen leaves, it's a beautiful plant to feast your eyes upon. It's even better in oil form as a helpful aid.


When you get a scratch, cut or scrape, ignoring it is the last thing you should do. In fact when you ignore a wound you are potentially setting yourself up for a very dangerous situation. Even when the wound seems mild you should tend to it as soon as possible and dress it properly. The way that bay oil protects and cleans a wound from infections and bacterial growth will help to ward off those painful occurrences. Just a few drops of the oil used to treat the wound will allow it to heal much faster and protect it from things like tetanus and septic.


We all lead very busy lives and sometimes trying to relax seems like the hardest thing in the world to do. With the use of bay oil, you can calm down and find a deep sense of tranquility and relaxation. It's so easy to be consumed by stress and the daily responsibilities of life that learning how to unwind and turn the switch to relaxation may seem impossible. This is also incredibly difficult for those who have nervous afflictions or disturbances. If you struggle with high stress levels, anxiety or depression, this oil may be just what you need in order to sleep or ease your perpetually heightened state. Rub a drop on your chest or underneath your nose.

Break A Fever

Waiting for a fever to break can be incredibly time consuming. Most of us can't afford to be sick because of how much we have to get done on any given day. Bay oil is great at promoting perspiration and can help in removing toxins, fat and excess salt from the body. This is perfect when a virus or bug that brings on a fever may get you down. Rubbing some bay oil on your chest and arms will help to bring the body temperature down and cause the fever to break much quicker than it would ordinarily.


Bugs hate this stuff. Not only do they not like the aroma but it's actually lethal to them upon contact. A couple of drops in a bottle with lavender oil can be used as a way to ward off critters around the house. It can also be used as a bug repellent if you are camping or find yourself outdoors and want to avoid mosquitoes. Just a couple of drops in a spray bottle with a carrier oil will definitely do the trick. Spritz clothes and skin with mixture.

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