How to Take Care Of Your Skin With Activated Charcoal

Skincare is an especially important part of life because, without adequate care, you're going to encounter a plethora of potential issues. For example, having flaky skin is problematic, and so is too much oil.

The truth is, these are issues that are troublesome only if they happen on your face - although youll want to fix them elsewhere too. The reason behind this is that people usually see the skin of your face quite clearly and easily, while other locations arent that noticeable. If you have oily skin on your head beneath your hair its not that simple.

If you have any of the issues were going to mention, choosing activated charcoal as a solution is recommended. It all stems from the fact that charcoal is amazing at cleaning and detoxifying. So, heres why activated charcoal is used as a facial skin treatment for a couple of the following issues.

Clear Pores

Pores can get blocked regularly, and youll start itching and sweating more. Theres usually no simple way to clear out the pores, but in this case, there is. All you need is some activated charcoal powder, and thats it.

Put the powder on your face, let it sit for a while, and wash your face with water. Voila! Pores cleared and the skin can breathe again. Other methods deal with this but theyre usually more expensive, and youll need to constantly keep coming back if your pores get clogged up again. This way, you can clean everything yourself!

Control Oil Production

Human skin is naturally a bit oily, but this doesnt mean that every level of oil is acceptable. If you feel it getting too oily, its best if you start doing something about it right away. Generally, youll want a product that will reduce oil production completely while also clearing it out right now, and thats exactly where activated charcoal comes into play. Charcoal magic - thats what it is!

Again, this type of charcoal is exceptional when it comes to getting rid of toxins and cleaning your skin, which is why its recommended as a way of treating too much oil production. Not only will it help your skin at the moment, but itll also have long-term effects, potentially reducing the amount of oil in your skin in the future.

Brighten Your Skin

Skin blemishes appear out of a variety of reasons which is why theyre so annoying. You never know why your skin started to lose its pigment and shine, so you cant exactly know what to fix. People always say that this will help out, and that will help out, but unless you have a universal product which deals with such a problem, youll have to figure out the root of it.

In this case, you dont have to think too much. Activated charcoal is more than capable at getting rid of skin blemishes, discoloration, and even staining. Plus, one pack of activated charcoal facial cream will last you for quite some time, so if you get discoloration again, grab some charcoal and spread it all over!

Detoxify Skin

Todays world is fast paced, stressful, and dirty. You can never know if you picked up a disease or exposed yourself to dangerous toxins. Your skin, although it sounds weird, can also suffer from toxins. Toxin build-up is mainly due to poor hygiene, but some people have medical conditions which prevent their skin from being, lets say normal - as in, not being so exposed to toxins.

If youre having issues with this and want to clean your skin completely - which is also fine - then activated charcoal is for you.

Treat Acne

We all were teenagers once, and most of us suffered from acne and pimples throughout puberty. Your entire body starts to change, your skin starts to change, and the end result before the process is complete is that you have acne.

Now, there are some great commercial products which deal with acne quite effectively, but theyre usually expensive and dont last very long. You dont have to go searching for those because activated charcoal is there to help! Get rid of acne quickly by using activated charcoal on your skin.

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