What Exactly Is Costmary Oil?

Costmary oil is a lesser known essential oil that is sometimes referred to as balsam herb or bible leaf. Many people haven't heard of it although it has amazing properties that can be used in many different ways. Its key benefits are that of an aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, antiseptic and an astringent. Traditionally, it has been used as a flavoring agent and a helpful aid to the skin. In the past it has been infused into teas or salads to make them more fresh and enticing. Typically though, it is now used for external purposes. Here are some of the top ways that costmary oil can be beneficial to you and your household.


This oil is superb at treating common wounds that you may endure at any point in time. Whether that be a burn, blister or bruise, just a dab of this oil directly on the affected area will help it to heal much faster if it is left untreated. Part of the reason that it's so effective is due to the antiseptic qualities within the oil. Make sure to treat the injury with a couple of drops and coat the entire surface of the wound.

Alleviate Fatigue

Many people struggle with feeling tired and not fully rested during the day. This can really affect your mood and your ability to get things done. There are many different factors that could potentially contribute to the feeling of exhaustion. Putting some of this oil on a cotton ball and setting it on your desk or near your vanity will offer a huge pick me up. You can even burn it in an oil burner or a diffuser. Thankfully, it's a very pleasantly scented oil so you'll likely enjoy becoming immersed in the fragrance as you get a more alert and awakened feeling.


Because it is so deeply and pleasantly flavored, it can be used as a homemade perfume. Many people cannot use traditional fragrances because they are simply too strong. They also tend to be laced with chemicals that can interact and interfere with allergies or other sensitivities. This oil gives you a choice and can be easily mixed with sandalwood, lavender or lemon to make a unique and lovely scent that you will be known for. Not only is it pleasant, but fundamentally different than anything you could buy in the department store.

Improve Texture Of Skin

Due to its astringent qualities, this oil can be used as a toner to help minimize oily or acne-prone skin. If you find that your pores are visible and you don't feel like your skin is really doing its best, you may want to try this oil as a vital part of your skincare regimen. Just a few drops can be added on your face to improve the texture and overall appearance of you skin. After just a few uses, you'll start to notice the difference in how your skin appears. Your texture will become smoother and more even.

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