The Energizing Power Of Wheatgrass Juice

wheatgrass-juiceMooooooooo! That was my reaction when I bought a tray of wheatgrass and harvested my first shot of wheatgrass juice! All I could taste was the dirt. I felt like a cow. Now, I cry for More! because wheatgrass juice has become such an important dietary staple as well as a crucial component in my continuing quest for optimized health.

Turns out that I am honoring a 5,000-year-old tradition started by the ancient Egyptians, who regaled the benefits of wheatgrass with religious fervor. Today it is popular among proponents of raw food diets who use it to detox. I tried wheatgrass juice for one important reason: as an aging Baby Boomer, I needed an industrial strength energy boost - and I got it!

You can belly up to your friendly neighborhood juice bar and ask the barkeep for a shot - of wheatgrass juice, that is. Or you may want to visit your favorite organic market and buy fresh wheatgrass that is already cut and bagged for you. You can also purchase liquid wheatgrass supplements or tablets. On the other hand, you may want to do as I did: buy a tray of wheatgrass. You water, cultivate, and harvest it yourself. Its like working a super-miniaturized wheat field. But the payoff is huge! Heres why!

Ever wonder why theyre called wheatgrass shots? Thats because it only takes a shot of wheatgrass juice to load up on copper, zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, potassium, and vitamins A, B6, C, E, and K! It also provides a healthy dose of chlorophyll, a building block for healthy red blood cell development. And the juice is extracted from the wheatgrass sprout before the seed appears; hence the juice is also gluten-free.

Today, I have officially opted out of the mini-urban-farming model. I buy certified organic wheatgrass powder. Its like high octane fuel in my tank - the surge of energy is tremendous and the staying power is nothing short of amazing. I dont leave home without it.

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