Eczema Causes

[caption id="attachment_6257" align="alignleft" width="300"]Women scratch itchy leg with hand. Healthcare And Medicine Concept photo with colour enhanced skin to emphasize problematic part. Women scratch itchy leg with hand. Healthcare And Medicine Concept photo with colour enhanced skin to emphasize problematic part.[/caption]

Eczema can be a very disconcerting and irritating skin issue to deal with. Though it's quite common, the way that it appears on sufferers varies. Some people suffer from very slight appearances of the dry, itchy darkened skin patches, while some have it on their hands, feet, elbows and back of their necks in visible, large quantities. While it's a skin condition that is seen in many different types of people, its impetus is pretty widely questioned. Doctors haven't been able to pinpoint what exactly causes eczema but they have some theories and ideas that seem to offer some clues.


Many health issues can be attributed to genes. If you have hereditary markers that indicate eczema runs in your family, you are definitely more susceptible to getting it. Genes play a huge role in the propensity we have to many illnesses and conditions. It's also worth noting that just because you may not have a distinct genetic tie you are aware of, it may still exist. Also, if there are other specific skin conditions that run in your family, you could easily develop eczema as many of the skin conditions appear similarly in our biological makeup.

Weakened Immune System

This is something that is attributed to many of the issues and health conditions that people develop. If the immune system is in a weakened state, you are going to be naturally more prone to developing conditions. There are many ailments that are tied to the immune systems function and thus have been deemed auto immune conditions. Skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis are often prevalent in those who have an immune system that is depleted. Building and bolstering your immune system will help to ward off the occurrence of flares and mitigate the amount of time one lasts.


It isn't an overstatement to claim that stress can negatively impact you in a myriad of ways. Those who are perpetually stressed need to understand that they put themselves at a higher risk for most ailments and health conditions by not dealing with their stress properly. Actively engaging in practices like meditation and yoga can help to properly alleviate stress from the body. Stress is something that does have physical effects that are noticeable. Our bodies keep track of the things we do, think, and feel, not to mention the types of pressure we put it through. Emotional and psychological stresses do build up and they can manifest as rashes, acne and even eczema.

External Factors

If you have sensitive skin you may find that your skin is more likely to have issues. This includes the appearance of skin conditions like eczema. This can be further perpetuated by certain over-the-counter beauty products and even the weather. Those who suffer from eczema will find that the patches they develop will become inflamed and itchy, but also very dry. Though these patches will come and go, when they are properly moisturized, they tend to heal much quicker than otherwise. Understanding what could fundamentally lead to eczema and any skin condition helps how sufferers manage it going forward.

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