Ajowan Essential Oil: The History And The Benefits

ajowanIf you are anything like a big part of the world, you are on a quest to live a more natural, healthy existence. With so many chemicals and toxins infiltrating products that we use on a day-to-day basis, it can be tough to really discern and understand what to use for specific health issues and ailments. In the interest of providing as much information as possible about natural options and remedies, there will be an exploration of all the many seeds, grains, plants and roots that have amazing healing properties and can be found in essential oils for easy use. Today's focus is the ajowan seed. Included below are all the benefits and some of the history of this seed.

The ajowan - or sometimes ajwain seed - has extraordinary health benefits. One of its most popular uses is to ease and quell an upset stomach - though that specific use should be reserved for the seeds themselves. The ways in which the essential oil version of this seed can be beneficial are plentiful. It has many healing properties as it is naturally anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and an antioxidant. So for the purposes of reducing swelling or ensuring that an area is disinfected, this oil works well.

Healing Properties

One thing to keep in mind about essential oils is that they sometimes have very strong scents. Because of the level of concentration within the oil itself, some of the more pleasantly fragrant are used as natural perfumes or air fresheners. The ajowan essential oil has a peppery, thyme scent and usually appears a red or orange color. As far as the compounds of the seeds go, the main ones are beta-pinene, thymol, gamma-terpinene and p-cymeme. These are what lend to the vast healing properties that this oil has.

An interesting benefit that can be obtained from using ajowan oil is better lung capacity, which simply stated means it can help you breathe better. This oil is a natural bronchodilator. This means that it works to relax air passages and allows higher amounts of oxygen to get into the lungs. This is a great option for those who deal with seasonal allergies and find that they deal with colds, coughs, a stuffy nose and sinus congestion more than a few times a year. Those who experience even more severe breathing issues, on account of asthma, can also try the oil to see if it provides any additional relief from their inability to breathe.

Another peculiar way that this oil can be used is to repeal and kill insects. Those pesky little bugs that we have to deal with, whether they be flies or fleas or cockroaches or ants, can be so bothersome and such a nuisance. Ten to twenty drops of this oil can be added to water, and used as a more natural or healthy alternative to those sometimes incredibly toxic bug sprays that are sold in stores. Make sure to spray problem areas directly, places like base boards, window seals and door frames.

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