Jaw Surgery: When And Why You Should Have It

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Written By Kassandra Foreman / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Jaw surgery can be a major surgery and should be completed only by qualified medical care providers in proper locations such as hospitals.

There are a few things that can create a need for jaw surgery. They include a misaligned jaw that is causing pain, teeth that are not lined up correctly and cannot be corrected with orthodontics, a traumatic injury that has misaligned or otherwise damaged the jaw, a birth defect that needs correcting to allow for easier chewing and swallowing, or to help improve breathing and decrease sleep apnea.

Bone growth and jaw surgery

Any of the procedures done during jaw surgery should be done only after the growth of the bones is complete, which occurs into the late teens or early twenties for most people. This ensures the alignment will remain the same in the future. If the bones continue to grow the jaw will end up misaligned again.

Jaw alignment before jaw surgery

If breathing, swallowing, and eating are becoming problems due to the alignment of the jaw then jaw surgery may be required. The way that the jaw is aligned may block part of the airway or make the passage down the throat thinner and harder to swallow. In these cases the jaw can be broken in very specific places and moved to a new position, then wired and pinned into place where it will heal and stay permanently.

Misaligned teeth and jaw surgery

A jaw surgery may be done if orthodontics is unable to correct the alignment of the teeth. Misaligned teeth can cause incorrect wear and damage on the teeth themselves, creating ongoing tooth concerns and repairs. In these cases having the jaw surgery can help align the teeth correctly and save years of discomfort, keep teeth from being broken, and reduce future teeth repairs.

When a traumatic injury occurs to the jaw it can throw it out of alignment or damage the bones in such a way surgery is required to correct it. The bones will be aligned correctly and held in position to heal and this will permanently correct the misalignment and once healed will stay aligned correctly.

Cosmetic issues and jaw surgery

In some instances jaw surgery can be performed for cosmetic purposes. When the jaw is asymmetrical or an over-or-under bite is severe, an adult can make the decision to have jaw surgery to align the jaw in a way that is more symmetrical.

This can boost confidence and in doing so improve the enjoyment of life. While done for cosmetic purposes it may also reduce headaches and teeth discomfort, as well as help the teeth wear equally and reduce damage.

Jaw surgery is not a small surgery and requires the jaw bone to be broken and realigned. It should be performed after bones have completed their growth in early adulthood or later, and may help with sleep apnea, breathing difficulties, uneven wear or damage to the teeth, eating concerns, and difficulty swallowing.

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