Whiten Teeth Naturally Heres 4 Ways

whiten teeth naturallyWhile dental hygiene is fundamentally imperative for the overall health of the teeth and gums, sometimes we have a more vain reason for the attention we pay our mouth with specific practices. Pearly white, gleaming teeth has long been a staple of an appealing and inviting smile. It portrays a certain message of cleanliness, self-care and diligence. Unfortunately, many of the whitening treatments that are on the market today contain harmful chemicals that shouldnt be anywhere near your teeth. Increased use and exposure can cause sensitivity to teeth and the overall weakening of enamel, making your mouth more susceptible to issues. The good news is there are ways to whiten teeth naturally.


This root, that originates in India, has tremendous positive qualities that improve oral health, one of which is correcting overly stained teeth. There is an element in this specific root that helps with the inflammation of gums, as well as gums that painfully recede, all the while brightening and whitening teeth that are normally dingy and yellow. It almost seems counterintuitive, as turmeric is known to actually stain cloth, countertops, and skin, but surprisingly its a highly effective teeth whitener.

Activated Charcoal

This black substance can be intimidating and look scary once its on your teeth, but this is one of the most effective, natural ways to whiten teeth. Activated charcoal is completely safe and tasteless so it can be successfully used to brighten teeth. Its a highly absorbent, porous substance that binds onto the stains and dirt on teeth that leave them discolored and drab. Charcoal is also touted as a substance that can potentially positively alter the pH balance of the mouth, killing bacteria, promoting fresh breath and fighting against tooth decay.

Acidic Fruit

Grapefruits and oranges have acidic components that can help to break down the stains that we often struggle with and find on our teeth. This suggestion can be a bit of a catch 22 because while the acid in some fruits can help with the erosion of stains, it can also wear off the necessary enamel on the teeth. Its important to rinse out the mouth to get rid of the excess fruit juice, to ensure it doesnt stay on or around teeth for too long.

Rinse Your Mouth

This might seem almost too simple of a suggestion, but youd be surprised how rinsing your mouth after each meal will help the gleam of your smile. There are various food and beverage remnants that hang around in your mouth after your done consuming them. This is one of the biggest factors that can contribute to the yellowing of teeth. Rinsing with water is sufficient, but using bacteria killing mouthwash is also recommended, if its available. This removes the residue left by whatever you eat and drink throughout the day.

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