Why You Should Be Using Citronella Oil

citronella oilAdding more and more essential oils to your collection should be a common occurrence - especially because there are some uncommon and relatively unknown oils that provide amazing benefits. While the name citronella may be vaguely familiar to you, all its many uses, may not be. In truth, this essential oil runs the gamut in all the positive effects it has on its users. Derived from a specific type of lemongrass, the oil was steamed from the leaves of a Cymbopogon to a thin consistency with a distinctly pleasant aroma. There are tremendous skin, hair and health benefits from citronella oil that some may have no idea about.

The oil is naturally diaphoretic. This means that it promotes the process of sweating in the body. If you are thinking about going on a program that suggests a detoxification process, this is something that you can do safely. It provides the natural elimination of excess and additional oil, salt, and fat from the body and blood stream. This detoxification agent was also used pretty regularly years ago to help individuals get over certain sicknesses. It works at a heightened level with the body; it's also known to be effective at treating osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis by diminishing the painful swelling of the joints.

Healthy And Glowing Skin

Citronella oil is a great agent to achieve healthy and glowing skin. In the same way that it can be used to completely detoxify the body, it has the same effect on the face. Use a couple of drops in your natural toner and you'll be amazed at how much of a natural glow your skin will start to have. It also has great antibacterial properties so it's good for acne prone skin, to help blemishes heal faster and eliminate the bacteria that causes breakouts in the first place. Citronella is a fantastic oil for the skin. It's even used in many different skincare products. The problem with those products is they often contain chemicals that will wreck havoc on your skin.

The great thing about citronella oil is that it's so versatile and can also be used on your hair. It helps control the oil that gets produced on the scalp which can become excessive. If you're suffering from excessively greasy hair, then this is definitely an oil that you should be using. You can put a few drops on the tips of your fingers and rub them into your scalp. This helps to regulate oil production. Do this every day for about a week and you'll really be able to see the difference. The oil is also known to soften hair strands. If you are suffering from perpetually dry hair, or breakage, this will help your hair tremendously.

Because of its pleasant fragrance, it adds a bit of a perfumed element to both the skin and hair. Not only will your skin and hair completely be improved and transformed, but you'll also be leaving a trail of delightful scent wherever you go!

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