Teeth Strengthening: Heres A Few Ways That Can Help

teeth strengtheningThough many often talk about the importance of having a healthy body, and taking care of it with consistent diet and exercise, sometimes the ways in which we can strengthen our teeth and our mouth by extension are overlooked. But make no mistake, the health and appearance of the teeth and mouth are equally important. There is a myth, that many of us grew up with, that supposes teeth can only be strengthened in adolescence. This is simply not the case. There are a few ways in which we can ensure that our teeth get stronger instead of the opposite.

It's important to understand that the fundamental strength of teeth is based predominately on the chemistry of the mouth. This means that how we treat and care for our teeth on an everyday basis affects how strong our teeth are. Tooth decay is the result of bacteria. This happens when there is an excess of plaque that forms around the tooth. Decay is often increased and perpetuated in those who consume a lot of sugar. The saying about candy rotting out the teeth and not being good for the mouth are unfortunately very true. Sugar can erode and wreck havoc on the enamel of the tooth, causing it to weaken and be more susceptible to loosening and potentially falling out.

Consistent dental care is a way to combat the effects of a bad diet, but it won't be completely effective as a preventative measure. It's obvious that you should be brushing your teeth at least twice daily, and flossing at least once, to keep your teeth in the best possible shape. It's also advised to rinse with a mouthwash that kills harmful, plaque-causing bacteria.

Another way to strengthen teeth is to consume foods and drinks that naturally aid in that process. Just as foods with a high sugar content aren't good for the teeth, there are foods that can prove to be beneficial and have the opposite effect. Green tea is great for teeth, as it is rich in an element called catechin polyphenols, which is a natural bacteria killer. This is an easy way to eliminate harmful bacterial that leads to tooth decay and gum disease.

Two other great beverages that help strengthen teeth are red wine and cranberry juice. This may seem counterintuitive for some people because of their dark, rich color and their propensity to stain teeth, but they are actually great aids for teeth strength. Foods rich in calcium are also known to be recommended for the strengthening of teeth. After all, teeth are just bones and we all know how important calcium is to strong and vital bones!

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