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Mustard Oil Benefits

Also known as sarson ka tel, mustard seed is an ingredient that is found in most Indian kitchens. The grinding of the seeds into a paste that is then transferred into an oil via distillation is the process that the oil goes through. It is a staple as an oil that is heart healthy and nourishing to the body in many different ways. However, this isn't the only way that this oil can be used. It has a whole host of uses as a hearty and fatty vegetable oil that comes from mustard seeds. Here are all the ways this oil can be used.

Remove Dark Spots

Many of us deal with hyper-pigmentation or some type of darkness on our face or somewhere on the body. This can be a result of many different causes. It can easily become an issue when it interrupts the evenness of the skin. Anytime that occurs it makes the skin look old, drab and unclear. Mustard oil can relieve and even out the tone of the skin by lightening those dark spots. It's even good if you want to get rid of a tan. Mix a bit of the oil with lemon juice and apply it to the problem area. Rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. Try this method at least three times a week in order to see lasting results.

Natural Sunscreen

It's apparent just how necessary sunscreen is for our everyday lives. The sun can wreak havoc on the skin if it is left unprotected. Though there is a myriad of sunscreens to choose from, the problem with sunscreen is that it often has harmful chemicals and additives within them that end up seeping into the skin. These can do a substantial amount of damage internally over time.

Mustard oil is actually a natural sunscreen because of its high levels of vitamin E and its thick consistency. It is a proven way to protect the skin against harsh pollutants and ultraviolet rays. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful vitamins for the skin as it also prevents signs of aging.

Treat Infections And Rashes

Because it is an oil high in both anti fungal and antibacterial properties, the ability for mustard oil to be an effective remedy and treatment of rashes is high. It prevents the skin from being susceptible to dullness and itching, which can often times accompany or cause rashes. The oil increases the natural circulation of the blood and because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can reduce any type of inflammation while also feeding the skin with the necessary nutrients that it craves.

Stimulate Hair Growth

This oil is a great aid for those who are interested in something that will increase the rate of their hair growth. Mustard oil has a rich nutrient density that provides the hair with amazing benefits. Namely, the amount of vitamin A within the oil is something that hair follicles need and thrive off of. Adding a bit of mustard oil into your hair moisturizer or even using it by itself is a great way to supply the hair with properties that will leave it long and strong. 

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