The Healing Benefits Of Cinnamon Oil

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While many of us are aware of the yummy flavor that cinnamon often gives dishes, few are aware of the healing properties that cinnamon intrinsically has. Cinnamon oil is incredibly potent and full of antioxidants that are helpful to the body. It can be used as a blood sugar stabilizer, a circulation booster and a natural digestive aid. Cinnamon oil also has the ability to decrease inflammation, fight free radicals, help symptoms of depression and stimulate the immune system. Listed below are some of the ways in which cinnamon oil can aid in fairly common issues.

Circulation Booster

For those who struggle with poor circulation, cinnamon oil is incredibly helpful. For this reason it's also a natural libido enhancer for those who suffer from sexual dysfunction because of clogged arteries - which directly affect how reproductive organs work. Compounds within the oil allow nitric oxide to flow naturally through the body which increases and enhances blood flow. This means that cinnamon oil can be used to help blood flow to sex organs as it should and is a natural remedy for impotence.

Ulcer Remedy

A component called eugenol can naturally help to reduce ulcers internally. The gastric effects of a bad diet can often lead to numerous problems with organs and sufferers can start experiencing painful ulcers. Stress is also a huge factor in developing ulcers. The pain that is associated with ulcers can be naturally decreased by using food-grade cinnamon oil. Just a view drops under the tongue can produce amazing results.

Sore Throat Aid

Having a scratchy, sore throat is one of the most aggravating feelings - especially because you feel like you can't talk, eat or swallow without being incredibly uncomfortable. Cinnamon oil is a great natural remedy for a sore throat. Try making a combination of hot lemon water, cinnamon oil and honey. It will help to fight inflammation and reduce the amount of irritation you feel in your throat. Due to its anti-inflammatory elements it can also aid in curing colds, toothaches, and mouth sores.

Increase Skin Health

Not only can cinnamon oil help to get rid of pesky pimples and blemishes, it can also provide relief for skin that is incredibly dry. Try mixing a few drops of cinnamon oil into your natural face wash. Or treat your face to a cinnamon oil and honey mask a couple times a week. You'll start to notice that your blemishes will diminish and your skin will start to appear clearer. You'll also realize that the dry patches that you deal with will become less and less obvious as you continue to use the oil. Due to its ability to help provide circulation, you can also expect to see any fine lines and wrinkles you may be struggling with subside quickly.

You can also try to put a bit of the oil in a foot bath, or in your bath water in general, to enjoy smoother skin. The oil helps to penetrate the rough, dry skin of the feet and provide smoother feet. 

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