Fennel Essential Oil Benefits

Many people may be familiar with fennel as a vegetable, even though it's not overly popular. But the plant's seeds actually have a tremendous amount of healing properties and can help a variety of issues. This oil is incredibly powerful and should be used in a diluted form.

Fennel oil has one of the strongest aromas out of all of the essential oils and is a bit heady and thick, but some can ignore the scent due to the amazing results it provides. It's recommended to mix a bit of fennel oil to a lighter carrier oil like castor, basil, lavender, lemon or sandalwood.

A great benefit of fennel essential oil is its ability to work to relieve different types of stomach pain. Whether you deal with overwhelming digestive discomfort, or are a woman that suffers from incredibly painful menstrual cycles, fennel oil can provide you with extraordinary relief. The oil can be rubbed on the lower stomach and provide carminative and emmenagogue aspects to those who often experience tummy troubles. The oil allows the pent up gas to escape from the intestines and provides necessary relief for the indigestion and pain that often gathers in the stomach and chest due to poor diets. Symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and extreme cramping that are often experienced during menstrual cycles can be alleviated by unblocking and clearing obstructed menses and allowing more regular, lighter periods.

If you can stand the smell, sometimes using a mix of fennel and lavender can help with feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed. Putting a few drops of the oil in your hands and cupping the mouth and nose, while breathing deeply, has been shown to offer calming effects and diffusing the feelings of panic and the inability to focus. It also works for those who have depressive thoughts and struggle with inactivity. Diluting the oil with a sweeter smelling oil and putting it on your hands and breathing deeply for at least 10 minutes in stillness will provide a centering and promote calm and peaceful feelings.

Skin And Oral Health Uses

This oil can even be used effectively on skin and for oral care. Fennel essential oil has specific attributes that work well with skin that may be showing signs of aging. It naturally has tonic and tautening elements that can help target and eliminate wrinkles, connective tissue issues and even cellulite on different areas of your body. Putting a few drops of fennel oil in your toner will help your skin in a myriad of ways. You'll notice your skin will start looking much smoother and fine lines will start to fade.

Fennel oil is also a great ingredient in oral care and can be found in many dental products because of its antiseptic properties. Naturally, it has breath-freshening qualities and was used as substitutes for mints and gum before either of those became incredibly popular. Try mixing a couple of drops into your mouthwash and enjoy a fresher mouth for a longer period of time. Fennel essential oil is a great addition to the other essential oils you likely keep on hand.

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