Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil

australian sandalwood essential oilMany people aren't aware of specific oils and all the ways that they can be beneficial, simply because they aren't popular or well known. There are a number of essential oils that have tremendous benefits, but aren't used as much due to lack of information. That's where we come in; we want to bring as much knowledge about essential oils and all of their amazing capabilities as possible.

While many people are familiar with sandalwood, they are usually speaking about santalum album, which is traditionally known as Indian sandalwood. However, the popularity of this specific oil hasn't been reached with the most environmental consciousness. There has been an over-harvesting of the trees that yield this oil, which has subsequently threatened the species.

The Australian counterpart is referred to as Santalum Spicatum, it is an ecologically responsible replacement for the standard Indian Sandalwood. This version of the oil is produced specifically with sustainability as the imperative goal. The extraction method is identical to that of the Indian Sandalwood through steam distillation. The scent of the oil is woody, soft and a bit balsamic. The coloring of the oil tends to be clear or tan and very viscous to the touch.

The oil can be used for many different things. Its antimicrobial, diuretic, and antiseptic qualities make it a great aid for those who deal with specific infections, as well as throat and respiratory issues. Many aromatherapists suggest it as a means to promote relaxation, calm and meditation. Try adding it to a humidifier or a diffuser if you perpetually deal with anxiety, worry or need a bit more emotional balance in your life. After a few weeks of incorporating this practice into your self-care routine, you will likely start seeing a difference.

Skin Issues

Santalum Spicatum is also a fantastic oil to use on the skin for different types of skin issues. If your skin is highly sensitive and you suffer from inflammation or dehydration, this is a great essential oil to add to your regimen. Its hydrating and antiseptic qualities will help provide the skin with the necessary elements it needs for healing. Restoring your skin to a more balanced state can be incredibly tiresome and difficult. What's great about this oil is that it similarly helps those who struggle with oily skin as well because of its mild astringent qualities.

Its also a great oil to use on any types of cuts, bruises or wounds that you may obtain, due to its antiseptic qualities. Ancient wisdom states that this type of oil is the best to use for accelerated healing. Testing a bit of the oil on a small patch of skin is suggested before treating larger amounts. This is to ensure that you don't have an allergic reaction to the oil. Most essential oils are derived from nature and specific allergies can be affected by certain plants or seeds. Adding this oil into your collection will ensure a great smelling environment and promote healthier, more vibrant skin. You'll be glad you made the decision to give this type of sandalwood oil a try.

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