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Last week we received an email from a customer sharing their story and results from using OraMD Extra Strength. Keep in mind that these results may not be typical, but were so outstanding nonetheless that they asked us to feature it. It is a true testament to the fact that dedication to good oral hygiene practices combined with the bacteria fighting power of OraMD Extra Strength can yeild amazing results over time.



For the first 9 months, results seemed painfully slow and my periodontist felt that any improvement she could see in my gums was purely down to the efforts of herself and the dental hygienist. (I had not told her I was using Ora MD). At this time my deepest periodontal pockets, had reduced to a maximum of 6mm and my gums were a nice shade of pink, for the first time.

I continued to floss and used Ora MD Extra Strength and after 24 months I was amazed by the fact that I no longer had ANY loose teeth. Furthermore, all "puffiness" of my gums was gone and my teeth seemed to actually "fit" my mouth properly due to the loss of inflammation that had existed with my gums.

Today, I visited my periodontist and after using Ora MD Extra Strength for 3 years I can reveal what my periodontist finally said to me. (Quote)

"You have made a rare but remakable recovery. Your deepest pockets are currently 2mm maximum and you no longer have any loose teeth. Your gums have grown back, stronger, firmer and healthier than they have ever been and I predict that within a few months you will not need to visit me (a periodontist) anymore. You no longer have gum disease."

All this from the same person who, 3 years ago had said gum disease could NOT be cured or reversed. I am living proof to everyone that gum disease CAN be reversed and most certainly worked for me - FACT.

Despite what all the so called dental "experts" tell you, the human body WILL and DOES heal itself naturally if you simply give it a chance. Ora MD is a natural remedy and I now know that their really is an alternative to tooth loss and dentures if you simply give it a try and don't lose hope.

I would like to thank Trusted Health Products, yet again, for saving my teeth. This remarkable formula is so easy to use, but is devastatingly effective. I will admit that I don't exactly understand the medical principles how this formula works, only that it DOES work FANTASTICALLY well.

As they say, you don't have to understand the principle of internal combustion to drive a car, but you do have to turn the key. ORA MD is the key to reversing gum disease. You only have to try it to be convinced.

Raymond S
London, England


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