4 Health Benefits Of Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil health benefitsThere are few oils that have the ability to be used in almost every single situation - whether it be for an air freshener, cleanser, or facial brightener. Well thankfully, lemon essential oil fits the bill. This oil is so multi-purpose that it can be used in so many different ways. The best part is that it's downright effective.

Lemon is known for many different properties. It's a great detoxifier. Many people swear by drinking their water with lemon. It's also known to be a great natural cleaning agent, not to mention a pesky bug repellent. The list goes on and on, but let's delve deeper into what makes this essential oil one of the most popular.

Immune System Support

One of the lesser known benefits of this oil is that it is a great support to the immune system. Lemon oil has high vitamin C content which means it bolsters and strengthens the immune system. It is known to stimulate white blood cells, which are necessary to fight the formation of specific diseases. Lemon oil is also known to help promote circulation throughout the body. Lemons's natural oils and properties will help to improve your health. The immune system needs to be guarded and fortified to ensure disease and virus don't permeate it.

Hair And Scalp Help

The precious strands of hair attached to our heads can sometimes be the source of much frustration. Bad hair days are one of the worst things your appearance and self esteem has to suffer through. But lemon oil is actually incredibly helpful to the hair and the scalp alike. Many people use lemon oil in their hair for strength and shine. The acidic properties in the lemon oil promote hair strength. It is even used on problem scalps with those who really struggle with dandruff. Again, the acidity drives out the fungal part of the bacteria that aids in feeding the dandruff.

Lemon oil's incredibly refreshing and pleasant smell has been known to make a great natural air freshener. Not only does it fill the air with a lovely, calming fragrance, but the odor itself drives away bugs. That's right. If you aren't too keen on using those chemical-filled insect repellants, well you aren't alone. Many people would rather find a healthy and natural alternative. Breathing in those harmful and toxic fumes is not good for the system. Bugs hate the smell of lemon oil. Put a bit in a spray bottle with some natural lemon soap, and watch how bugs are intrinsically repelled.

Skin Care

One of the most known uses for lemon oil is the face. As a skin care aid, this oil is one of the best. It takes care of a number of problem areas such as dull skin, unevenness and even acne. The elements in lemon oil are known to brighten skin, giving it a natural luster and glow. The acidity in the oil is known to help combat the bacteria that allows acne to flourish on the face. This oil is truly comprehensive and all encompassing.

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