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Can Exercise Slow Decline Of Alzheimer's?

New research claims that moderate exercise is not only good for memory as people age, but also appears to help prevent the development of physical signs of Alzheimer’ in those who are at risk for the disease.

Rubber Seed Oil Uses

Rubber seed oil is just one example of how the essential oil world and reach is much larger than many can even comprehend.

Secret Formula For Looking And Feeling Young? Catching Some Zzz's

Along with all the time we spend on beauty routines, eating right, and keeping our bodies fit, another key habit for slowing the aging process is getting enough sleep.

Tulsi Milk: Is This Really Good For Your Health?

Tulsi milk is the trend today. Drinking a single glass of warm milk with the tulsi ingredient boosts the benefits of the regular milk even further. So far, this beverage is reported to help with a multitude of health issues, as well as boost the immunity and well-being of those who drink it.

Heart Health: National Study Addressing Diabetes, Heart Disease And Stroke

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently awarded funds to 28 state and local health departments across the United States to design, test and evaluate new, innovative approaches to address significant health problems.

10 Ways Yoga Benefits Your Daily Life

The advantages of yoga are felt in significant ways. Let’s have a look at some of the most important benefits of yoga in daily life.

The Power Of Growth Factors

Growth factors are essentially proteins that regulate cellular function which includes cell survival, migration, and differentiation.

4 Tips For Quick Wrist Surgery Recovery

Take these steps to facilitate post-surgery recovery so that you can start using your healed wrist soon.

7 Healthy And Cheap Alternatives To Junk Food

Here are seven healthy and cheap alternatives to junk food.

Contact Lens Safety Tips For Better Eyesight

While contact lenses bring excellence to your vision and complement your overall look, they are quite vulnerable to eye infections if the correct safety measures are not taken.

10 Essential Vitamin C Foods For Staying Healthy And Energetic

Lack of vitamin C has serious consequences on the body. These consequences include bleeding gums, anemia, slow wound healing, frequent bruising and scurvy. To avoid these conditions, we’ve prepared a list of the top 10 foods that are high in vitamin C.


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