Vitamin D Labeled A Drug In New Big Pharma Application

Its no secret that one of the biggest stars of the medical world as of late is vitamin D. With more and more research showing just how vital it is in supporting immunity and curing a number of conditions, it was only a matter of time before big pharma tried to capitalize on it. Rather than supporting the idea of getting plenty of sunlight for natural vitamin D absorption, or even supplementation for that matter, Rockwell Medical has taken it upon themselves to dub vitamin D a drug by filing an abbreviated new drug application with the FDA for an injectable form of vitamin D that theyre calling Calcitrol.   Calcitrol is simply vitamin D3 that is combined with sterile fluids and other additives in a syringe, and claims to be the most active form of vitamin D in the body. Because of this potency, it can also be helpful in treating cancer along with other serious conditions. Its marketed primarily for treating kidney disease patients. While all this is wonderful and true, keep in mind that its still a vitamin and not a drug.   Its good that vitamin D is gaining more respect in regard to treating serious diseases, but the way that its being done is less than optimal. Before long it wont be surprising to see supplemental vitamin D pulled from the market, and require a prescription to obtain. Its already happened with certain forms of vitamin B that were available for low costs until a big pharmaceutical company developed a drug that contained it. At that point, it was deemed unfair to big pharma and the supplement was pulled.   Sources: MarketWatch  

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