Vaccine Manufacturers May Not Be Safe Much Longer

Its been almost 25 years since Congress passed the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. This was the legislation put in place by pharmaceutical companies, vaccine manufacturers, and the government to prevent the vaccine manufacturers from being liable for any damages caused by their products. It stands to reason that no legislation like this would be necessary if these vaccines were to have a positive effect. After all, theyre designed to prevent disease. Who would want to sue someone for making them healthier? Since then, a myriad of health effects and defects have been linked to certain vaccinations at one point or another. Autism, Alzheimers, Chrons, you name it. Its all been related to vaccines, and in many cases, their toxic levels of mercury.

For years, incidents regarding ill effects potentially resulting from unsafe vaccines were handled by a specialized vaccine court that in most cases, threw out the vast majority of accusations. One such case is now in front of the Supreme Court rather than the vaccine court after years of arbitration. The case of Hannah Bruesewitz was initially thrown out of the vaccine court shortly after it was brought up. A month before the case was to be heard, the courts removed all of the injuries reported by the Bruesewitz family from their list of items that could be compensated for.

Depending on how the Supreme Court rules on this case, a new era of representation, advertisement, and application of vaccines could be upon us. If the manufacturers no longer have an unconstitutional act like this to hide behind, all the families who have suffered from these effects could finally get their due. Although a much better plan would be to avoid unnecessary vaccinations altogether, the mad scientists who use our nations children for their experiments would finally have to answer for their crimes.



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