USDA Knew About Turkey Contamination, But Took No Action Until Someone Died

Its nice to know that our government agencies in charge of protecting us and preventing disease operate on a system of if it aint broke, dont fix it and even if it is broke, give it a few more days before you fix it. We sell guns to Mexican drug runners in hope of tracing them and preventing further crime while at the same time they are conducting armed raids of farmers markets. Should it really be a surprise that the USDA was well aware that ground turkey produced by Cargill was contaminated with salmonella but did nothing about it until over 70 people got sick and 1 person even died? Thats exactly what happened.


So lets get this straight: raids are conducted on raw milk farms because of their pathogenic products that are sold among private food co-ops, but the pathogens that are in meat products and are produced for the masses are OK to let slide until the bodies start piling up? Of course agencies like the USDA maintain their sterling reputation by jumping to action when someone actually does finally die from something like this. Once recalls are announced, theyre heroes again. Why though if they knew about the contamination in 2010 would they take no action at all until deaths occurred in 2011?


Some people are calling this a false flag attack, one designed to cause an increase in fear over food safety. With the current state of things, and the newly adopted food safety modernization act it makes sense that government agencies like the USDA and FDA would want to encourage people to call for stricter regulations. Weve already seen a case of someone threatened with jail time for growing vegetables in their own front yard, and before long you wont be allowed to in your back yard either.



Wall Street Journal


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