US Government Pushes GMO Foods On A Worldwide Scale

It doesnt take a major release of classified documents, or a worldwide conspiracy for anyone to realize that the US government is in the middle of a major push for the endorsement of genetically modified foods, but thats exactly what happened anyway. Leave it to none other than Wikileaks to release data that confirms the US government is trying to push GMOs on a worldwide level.


Recent releases confirm correspondence between state department officials and a Pakistani finance minister regarding their desire to integrate GMOs due to the countrys water issues limiting their agricultural production. Another detailed a meeting between the Vaticans council of justice and peace and US embassy officials in which the use of GMO foods was suggested to fight world hunger.


GMO foods have already caused a multitude of problems here in the US, and theyre not even 100% approved yet. In fact, a federal judge just recently ruled that the US department of agriculture acted out of their jurisdiction by allowing the planting of hundreds of acres of GMO sugar beets. They were subsequently ordered to be destroyed.


With the recent passing of senate bill 510, and its included language indicating that the FDA will be setting up shop in other counties to monitor their food supplies as well as our own, it seems that getting these other countries on board with our own GMO policies is in tune with our desires to import them from elsewhere if we cant grow them ourselves.


Endorsement deals are one thing, but using the Pope and selling the idea of GMO foods under the guise of fighting hunger? Thats just tacky.

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