TSA Pulls The Plug On National Opt-Out Day- Literally

Amid swirling rumors as well as promises of air travel passengers opting out of the TSAs backscatter naked body scanners on Wednesday, 11/24/10, the TSA took some extreme measures to handle the increase in work load that their agents would have to encounter. How did they handle this, you ask? Did they hire in force to execute more molestations, pat downs? Did they spend more taxpayer dollars on their facilities to help their cause? Actually, what they did was a much bigger surprise. With news crews at every major airport in the US just foaming at the mouth to catch citizen unrest on tape, the TSA gave them nothing to get excited about. They did the unthinkable. They turned the scanners off.


It seems that the TSA has finally realized that the old Hollywood adage of any press is good press doesnt exactly apply to government agencies who are apparently allowed to molest the people they serve, and detain them without probable cause. The ability to operate outside constitutional law is enough for them, no need to report on it. They dont need a pat on the back for their good service in protecting America. On what is arguably the biggest travel day of the year in the US, the TSA did not perform a single scan or pat down, and guess what? Not a single bomb went off. Not unless you count the F-bombs that John Pistole drops with every complaint the TSA receives, which number in the thousands.


The problem with the TSAs image in this situation though is an interesting one. By avoiding the protests and negative media representation, they have actually revealed their weakest point. By simply refusing to execute the procedures that they have claimed are necessary for our protection, they have admitted that theyre not necessary at all. Unfortunately, its very likely that the radiation scans and sexual assaults will pick right up where they left off once the scrutinizing eyes of the media turn away. Its important to stay vigilant, and remember your constitutional rights.


A man flying home from Paris to Cincinnati proved that the sham of security can be bested, if you have the time that is. It took him nearly 3 hours, but by refusing to go through the backscatter scanner and very plainly telling TSA security that he would accept a pat down on the condition that they did not touch his genital area. They danced around the issue, reciting policies left and right for hours, even getting the police involved. However, that actually turned in this gentlemans favor, as the police informed him that they were essentially under the TSAs jurisdiction. After 2 ½ hours, he was escorted out of the airport without ever being scanned or patted down.


The point is this friends: if there are ways around these procedures by either being very matter of fact and diplomatic, or just by simple strength in numbers, then what authority do they actually have? If they can totally abandon their policies for a day simply because it would be too much work for them, how safe can they really be making us?


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