TSA Agents Spread Fear, And Now Added Bonus Of Disease

Even after all the complaints that have been lodged over their irradiating naked body scanners and their pat down techniques that border on molestation, TSA head John Pistole seems confident that they system is working, and will not cut down on any of the policies that are currently being used. One area that the TSA does seem to be comfortable cutting down on though is cost of materials. It seems that medical standards when patting down air passengers bare skin, groins, and as of late genitalia do not apply to the TSA. They are above the law. This has come to light, as its recently been noticed that TSA agents rarely change the latex gloves they use when theyre molesting an airports patrons.   The pat down procedures have evolved into an aggressive massage of sorts, and now agents are even feeling inside passengers underwear, bare buttocks, armpits, and even genitals. The amount of bacteria they must collect in this process would likely be through the roof. What this also means is that the TSA is now risking the spread of disease, even including the sexually transmitted kinds. The TSA could potentially be spreading disease under the guise of protecting your safety. It seems anything but safe, considering that if you opt out of the scan and refuse to be patted down the end result is a fine of over $10,000.   TSA agents are neither trained medical personnel, nor do they understand medical practices or devices. Recently, a bladder cancer survivor who still has to wear a catheter and urine collection bag was patted down by a TSA agent. The agent dislodged the mans catheter in the aggressive procedure, and he was left covered in his own urine. Even worse, he was forced to walk through the airport in this condition and wasnt allowed to even clean himself up until his plane was airborne and he could use its rest room. Another case like this involves a breast cancer survivor who went through the body scanner, and was forced to remove her prosthetic breast because TSA agents thought it was a bomb.   Its one thing to be invasive to an unconstitutional level, but when government agencies actually begin to threaten the health of those it has sworn to protect out of sheer ignorance it something different entirely. Not only is there the potential risk of spreading STDs, but any sort of skin condition or infection could be spread to other parts of that same persons body or to other passengers. An ABC news employee recently went through this, and described it as being worse than a trip to the gynecologist. If you plan to travel tomorrow, take part in the national opt out day.  

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