Truth Whitening: The Good, The Bad, and The Indifferent About At Home Teeth Bleaching

Americans are creatures of habit, both good and bad and in between. We know that a glass or two of wine a day can have positive health effects like helping to avoid heart disease. In that same breath, (no pun intended) there are still millions of us who smoke cigarettes- many still a pack a day or more. Dont forget the coffee either; the average coffee drinker consumes over 3 cups a day. Say what you will about any of these vices, they all have one thing in common: they wreak havoc on the color of your teeth. Now, these are but a few of the ways that teeth can darken. Its a process that can start in childhood, as certain antibiotics taken at a younger age like tetracycline can start the darkening ball rolling; even aging itself can cause it, as the collagen in the teeth degrades.


Teeth whitening or bleaching has been a hot topic of discussion over the past few years, and there are as many options in products or methods to use as there are people to use them. What started out as a clinical procedure has evolved, or perhaps devolved into a plethora of choices that can leave one dizzy if you dont know what to look for. While there have been many individuals chiming in on what works best for them, its of great importance to know some of the facts before choosing which route to take.


For example, there are plenty of at home kits that use hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten teeth. However, a number of them contain clorine chemicals as well. If used improperly or with mouth trays that dont fit correctly, this can lead to chemical burns on the gums. In turn, that can cause excess sensitivity or receding of the gums themselves. In most cases, this is because the gel has to be worn for great lengths of time, resulting in overexposure to the chemicals used to whiten the teeth. Conversely, there are easily applicable strips for whitening that dont run the risk of burning the gums. However, those are usually a very low concentration and have to be used over and over to achieve desired results.


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