Transform Hair With Ojon Oil

Ojon is an oil that comes from the palm tree, which was originally found in the Caribbean. Simply put, it is a real beauty find. Most people aren't aware of the oil and its many positive properties. It's not as well known or positively touted as marula, coconut or jojoba oil but has outstanding benefits for both the hair and skin just the same. There are a number of reasons this oil should be incorporated into your regimen. Here's how it's best utilized.

Restores Dry Hair

Nothing is worse than hair that is dry and begins to look damaged, unruly and unappealing. Dry hair can start to look like straw and become completely unmanageable. Not only does dry hair look bad but it also leads to other more severe hair complications such as breakage. While a bit of breakage is completely normal, excessive breakage can be disastrous to your hair, scalp and overall length. Due to the richness and heavy consistency of the oil, it does a fantastic job at properly coating the hair strands. It penetrates the hair and protects it from environmental outliers.


Due to the vitamins and minerals within the oil, it makes for a great source of hydration for hair. If you don't properly moisturize your hair and provide it with that needed hydration, you could essentially be setting your hair up for imminent failure. Just like the skin, hair needs to be properly moisturized. There are a few oils that do a stunning job of not only moisturizing hair, but allowing that moisture to stay locked into its strands. This is also how the illustrious shine that you may be missing returns to your hair. Tired of dull and drab hair? Add this amazing oil to your hair-care routine.

Protects Hair

Just like the skin, hair is also vulnerable to free radicals and environmental pollutants. Things like UV rays, smoke, pollution and a myriad of others can break down the hair follicles and make them much more vulnerable to attack. This is another way that hair inadvertently gets damaged. You may notice that despite continuously putting product in your hair, it's still dry or unruly. This is because those products don't adhere to the strand. They are essentially just causing build up instead of actually permeating the hair and properly distributing the benefits.

Makes Hair Manageable

Frizzy and hard-to-style hair is the absolute worst. When bad hair days become standard and a good hair day is few and far between, it's time to re-evaluate just what you use on your hair. Ojon oil helps to better tame the hair strands so that your natural hair type comes through in any style you choose to wear. If you're sick of your hair not cooperating, this is definitely the oil you want to add to your regimen. You will enjoy sleek, nourished, malleable hair that still looks like yours but only healthier.

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