Tips To Help You Manage Your Chronic Pain When You Don't Know What Else To Do

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Written By Anica Oaks / Reviewed By Ray Spotts

Chronic pain flaring up can turn an otherwise pleasant day into a nasty one. If you suffer from this kind of pain, you know that it might take some time before you can see a specialist for some relief. However, you don't have to wait for a prescription or consultation in order to deal with this struggle. There are a few ways you can manage your chronic pain when no other path seems open to you.

Time Management

Because chronic pain can come on at any moment, managing your time is just as important as dealing with the pain itself. One of the most useful ways to manage your time during an episode of pain is to conserve your energy for the people in your life.

If you feel tired during the day, you can save yourself for bonding with friends or family in the evening, a time when socializing is important for many. That way, you'll feel like part of the group instead of missing out because the pain sapped your energy early.

Injury Formulas

Many doctors have studied how chronic pain develops and what might cause it. Although there isn't always a solution for permanent relief, medical science has revealed that it is possible to get some long-term respite from the pain.

You can meet with specialists from places such as Advanced Injury Care to discuss options that might be right for you. In many cases, these experts can provide formulas that go into the joints and tendons where chronic pain starts and negate some of the unpleasant effects that keep you from doing your daily activities.


Moving your mind away from the pain might not make the hurt go away, but it can help to transport you to a mental place where you're not so focused on it. The best part is, distraction techniques are as numerous as the interests you might have.

You can focus on things you like to do that don't require a lot of movement. Doing crosswords, knitting, playing a game, and much more can all be ways to distract yourself until the pain subsides.

Physical Activity

It may seem counterintuitive at first, but a little physical activity is an important part of managing your chronic discomfort. Experts do recommend that you keep the levels at a low, gentle pace instead of overdoing it. However, gentle exercise can keep joints supple and muscles in shape. It is a good idea to talk with your doctor about what exercises might be right for you.

It's perfectly normal to feel angry or upset when you have to deal with pain that inhibits your ability to do the things you enjoy or need to get done. However, these feelings can lead to stress, and a stressed mind may incur more discomfort on top of the usual pain.

One way you might be able to go about your day is to break down large tasks into smaller chunks that are more manageable for you. Doing this in conjunction with some of the tips above could lessen the effects of your pain.

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