The Walking Dead Are REAL...Just Not Like You Might Think

What were about to tell you is fact: zombies are real. Not in the apocalyptic sense you may think of, but there are cases of walking dead in the world. Cotard delusion, or Cotards syndrome is a very rare neuropsychiatric condition that stems from severe depression or damage to parts of the brain that recognize faces. The sufferer may not recognize the faces of loved ones and think them to be imposters, but in some cases they wont even recognize their own face. Because of this lack of recognition and disconnection with their self, many times the result is a delusional belief that they are either dead or do not exist. This delusion has earned the name walking corpse syndrome.   As recent as 2008, 2 cases include a woman from the Philippines who told her family that she wanted to be taken to the morgue because she was dead and wanted to be with other dead people, and another from India who believed that certain organs were missing from her body. A homeless man was eventually treated after living on the streets and falling into a deep depression that caused him to eventually believe and tell people that he was dead and that his brain had rotted away. All 3 of these cases were treated, and eventually recovered. Treatment varies depending on severity, but antidepressant drugs are usually the first option. More success has been seen with electroconvulsive therapy than with drugs.   There have been reported cases of zombies dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, where voodoo was practiced primarily in Haiti. Stories of victims being poisoned with neurotoxins from local puffer fish and buried alive, only to be dug up days later. The primary reason was for slavery, as instances of locals noticing loved ones long thought dead working in fields. These toxins can leave their victim in a sort of trance and although there are tales of people recovering and getting back to their families, most did not.    

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