The Truth About Vitamin D

Its no wonder that even in this advanced technological age nearly 60% of the worlds population is deficient in vitamin D. As a society, we spend so many hours working indoors that were never exposed to enough sunlight for our skin to synthesize sufficient amounts of the nutrient. It seems like there is new research on nearly a daily basis supporting the importance of vitamin D, yet 25% of us are dangerously low on it.   When we actually do get direct sun exposure, its often not enough. Some research even says that it can take over a day for your skin to produce vitamin D that we usually shower and wash away what chance we had of producing and absorbing it. D2 is the synthetic form of the nutrient, and should be taken to help strengthen your immune system along with vitamin C and calcium. Research that was published last year showed that when levels of vitamin D are sufficient, white blood cells that play a major role in immunity are activated.   More studies have suggested that vitamin D could be a better immune system supporter, and help ward off illness on a level that puts vaccinations to shame. Of course, vitamin D comes with the added bonus of not being toxic such as the mercury found in many vaccines that have been linked to terrible conditions such as autism even.   During the fall and winter months where sunlight exposure can be more scarce, its important to take the right supplements to ensure your immune system is in tip top working order. Imagine if we all did things the natural way, and showed the big pharmaceutical companies that their toxic vaccinations were no longer warranted.    

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