The Performance Enhanced Strong Arm Of The Law

Usually when you think of steroid use, professional athletes are what comes to mind. After all, our government even took time out for hearings related to steroid use in baseball a couple of years ago. New reports suggest that the Giants arent the only boys in blue that are using performance enhancing drugs.


This new information blows the proverbial whistle on our very own law enforcement agents, suggesting that as much as 25% or more of police officers take steroids on a regular basis. The probe was only launched after an increasingly alarming rate of assaults that could best be described as roid rage against citizens kept climbing. One case involved an officer who attacked a co-worker of his wife in what appeared to be a steroid induced rage, which led to the discovery that he was actually dealing steroids out of his own home.


Most of us dont think about people like police and firefighters clambering to reach higher levels of strength and endurance, but its a fact. One investigation in New Jersey found over 200 police officers and more than 50 firefighters guilty of steroid use. They may be the real every day heroes, but theyre certainly not in our main field of vision like athletes are.


A representative of the DEA admitted that steroid use among police is a big problem that shouldnt be ignored. Exactly how to go about it however, is proving a more difficult problem than anticipated. Not only is it an issue thats not really at the forefront of everyones minds, but in many cases officers arent even required to go through drug screening. Some departments (likely the guilty ones) are defending themselves by saying that drug testing violates their rights- even after assaulting a citizen.


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