The Pen Is Mightier Than The Pill

Blame and fault are two entirely different things, yet both often rest in the bag of the messenger. Facts are often presented in ways to best benefit an individual rather than the majority of people, and we all know this. The most recent example in the world of health and medicine can be found in a British medical journal which exclaims that alternative medicines arent only not safe for children, but actually deadly. The following information was taken from a report covering documented reports from the years 2001 to 2003 in the Australian Pediatric Surveillance Unit.


During this period, less than 50 instances of side effects associated with alternative therapies were reported. This includes only 4 deaths, and there are literally millions of children in Australia who would have received treatments of this nature. Even though these numbers are obviously miniscule in comparison to the number of children who were treated, whats worse is that these links are made simply because the treatments were used. There are no documented cases in which the treatments, whatever they may have been, were the direct cause for any deaths or severe reactions.


For example, there was a case of a 10 month old baby who had been treated for chronic eczema since birth with conventional medications. However, the researchers point the finger to alternative medicine because the child developed septic shock only after being treated with homeopathy and a restricted diet. It should seem obvious that homeopathic treatments dont cause infections, however the report was written in such a way to convey that message. Surely they wouldnt overlook the fact that severe infections like this are most likely brought on by bacteria entering the body via raw, eczema riddled skin, would they? They did, and theres more.


A study that was conducted by the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood, and published in 2009 found that babies incurred an increased risk of developing eczema if treated with


antibiotics during their first year of life. So, why is there no mention of possible complications from conventional medication? Why isnt the idea of parents using conventional medicine with little or no result, and then TUNRING to alternative medications as a last resort explored? It makes one wonder who really benefits from articles like this.


Certainly no one wishes for harm to befall any child from any cause, whether it be by nature, or by human error such as medical malpractice. Whats more unfortunate in this scenario is that the worst cases reviewed are pointed at natural therapy, while other facts are left out. If that wasnt bad enough, the cases that were reported are so grossly over exaggerated that it becomes almost laughable.


Its important to not always read things as theyre written. Remember to do your homework, even if you have to cheat and use the calculator from time to time.


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