The Math Behind Flu Shot Effectiveness Just Doesn't Add Up

People like to believe that numbers never lie. Most of the time this is true, but depending on whos providing the numbers they may very well be spouting constant streams of little white lies, or bending the rules of mathematics to confuse people. It happens a lot in politics, and also frequently in the medical world. Most studies done on prescription drugs often present numbers that can be confusing, or distorted in order to make their products more appealing to the public. One such product that has recently been revealed as doing exactly that is the flu vaccine. The numbers they want you to believe are that the vaccines are 60% effective when in actuality, they only protect about 1.5 out of 100 people.   Vaccine proponents seemingly refer to study numbers in the same way that George W. Bush referred to Al Gores economical figures back in 2000 as being fuzzy math. Meaning, this math is fuzzy and confusing, so ignore it and just listen to what we have to say. The claim that flu shots are 60% effective would lead one to believe that 6 out of every 10 people who were vaccinated would not get the flu, and thats simply a bold faced lie. The Lancet has published a real study that shows the real numbers, and also explains how the vaccine industry manufactures facts at the same rate they make toxin laden flu shots.   The actual numbers from the study show a little over 13,000 people in the control group, these are those who did not get the flu shot over the period of the study. Less than 3% of this group actually caught the flu, while a little less than 2% of the treatment group caught it. The difference ends up being 1.5 out of 100.To get the 60% effectiveness figure that manufacturers are touting they divided the percentage of the control group who got the flu into the amount from the treatment group. Whats left is a decimal that they can twist into being about 43%, hence they make the claim that the vaccine resulted in a 60% lower rate of infection. To use the same process on the real numbers would result in an accurate claim of flu shots do absolutely nothing for 98.5% of those who get them.   Prescription drug and vaccine manufacturers are always looking for any edge they can get in twisting the numbers and distorting the facts to improve their image, and for good reason. Their image is continuing to be tarnished as more and more people wake up to the realization that natural remedies often provide the same curative effects with little or no side effects and are much less expensive. Keep up the fight, and remember that nature provides the best answer.

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